Ayurvedic Treatment for Pulmonary Tuberculosis

King of all Diseases - Pulmonary Tuberculosis

In this continuing episode of health & fitness talk on Physeek Cafe, Dr. Srinivas reveals some more pertinent points related to Ayurveda. 

Importantly Dr. Srinivas explains the classification and importance of food in the scheme of things as far as Ayurvedic treatment is concerned. We will see how to approach the right diet as told by Ayurveda that aids in the treatment of any disease.

Ayurveda has 200 odd combinations or recipes of alcoholic preparation used in the treatment of various health conditions or disorders. Sadly, this knowledge is probably not fully retained and partially lost with the passage of time due to enough importance not being given to it. 

Author: Venkataraman Ramachandran

Watch full-length interview with Prof. Dr. H.T. Sreenivas on the Ayurvedic Treatment for Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

Specific diet can be recommended in case of a metabolic disorder or even in the case of an infectious disease says Dr. Srinivas. The doctor goes for one of the most dangerous diseases which he mentions is referred to as “Raja Yakshma” (Raja = King; Yakshma = Disease). Hence, the correlation is to the King of diseases – Pulmonary Tuberculosis

The doctor quotes that diet recommendations can be based on food habits of the patient – vegetarian or non vegetarian in this example. Assuming that the patient has enough appetite, below is the Ayurvedic recommendation 

Diet recommendation: Non-Vegetarian

Patients need to have “Aja mamsa” or goat meat soup which is an important part of the diet in addition to other treatments. Besides goat meat soup, the patient should consume “Rakta sali” (Red rice) or “Shashtika sali” (a type of rice that yields in 60 (shasti) days).

Ingredients that need to be added to the goat meat soup would include

  • “Ghrita” which means medicated ghee
  • Prakshepa Dravya – Condiments or Additives (A special semi-solid preparation made of extraction from various herbs with sweetening agents added). The Dravya is made up of
    • “Pippali” long pepper powder, a core ingredient in this medicinal combination extensively grown in Dakshina Kannada, Western Ghats, Kerala, etc. Long pepper is used in scenarios wherein the body needs more nourishment. Black pepper has to be avoided.
  • Ginger or Dry Ginger.
  • Chilli (Probably an exotic that was not available in India and brought may be from South America during old times).
  • Raw pomegranate juice is added to the above mixture.

Patients can consume the above concoction according to their appetite on a daily basis.

Diet Recommendations: Vegetarian

Patients need to consume green gram soup as it helps in nourishing the body and fighting Shosha (combination of multiple diseases). Other ingredients added to the soup would be – “Kulatha” – horse gram.

Plenty OR excess of “Ghrita” medicated ghee (prepared specially in Ayurveda) can be given depending on the digestive power of the patient. It can be consumed before or after food.

Keep in mind that the core components of the diet are all protein rich foods (Goat meat, Green gram & Horse Gram).

Complementary Diet

In case of a patient feeling thirsty following the above diet, hot water mixed with raw pomegranate juice is given. Plain water, as per Ayurveda has to be avoided by the patient in this health condition.

For alcoholic patients, diluted brew prepared from wheat and barley or diluted grape wine just enough to quench the thirst can be served.

Tuberculosis is a disease that tends to gallop its way into the patient and strengthens its impact quickly especially pulmonary tuberculosis.

Daily Routine recommended for the patients

Steam bath using goat head meat is another element in the treatment. Importance primarily has to be for the back portion and then other parts of the body too with eyes covered. This would need to be given to the patient every day.

“Vatahara Thaila” (medicinal oils) are also applied to the patient in addition to the steam bath treatment.

Depending on the disease or condition of the patient, Special preparations are also made using “Aja Mamsa” goat meat for the treatment.

Brihat Chagaladya Ghrita (Ayurvedic medicine in Ghee form) is one of them, manufactured by Kottakal arya vaidya saala based out of Kerala.

Ashwagandha lehyam (Lehyam is an ayurvedic herbal medicine in form of a jam or paste) with or without goat meat is another special preparation to be consumed.

Apart from medicines, other aspects of treatment include staying extremely hygienic and clean, keeping the body neat and tidy with a daily bath, brushing teeth 3 or 4 times a day, staying happy, indulging in regular prayers, chanting of mantras/slokas, and other spiritual sessions.

Overall treatment includes what is referred to in Ayurveda as “Adhyatmika chikitsa and Adhi Daivika chikitsa” which is primarily about covering the element of both body and mind.

Prayer to God is considered to be an inherent part of Ayurvedic treatment. In today’s world the prayer can be to his/her God based on one’s belief.


Additional information on the impact of Tuberculosis in India and steps being taken in order to eradicate this dreaded disease. Links shared below are courtesy information on the National Health Portal and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in India.

National Health portal – https://www.nhp.gov.in/disease/respiratory/lungs/tuberculosis

Ministry of Health and Family welfare –

Quickly glancing through some of the information in the above links, one can note that the authorities are working on a plan to eradicate the disease by the year 2025.

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