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In the current generation, parents put kids under lots of pressure to study and score good marks in their school examinations. This behavior is a natural survival instinct of parents. The previous generation has seen a drastic change in society, and education has become the number of criteria for success. We, the current generation’s parents, know this better than anyone.

In this pursuit of success for kids, we often overlook fitness aspects for our kids. This behavior is seen, especially in the case of large cities in India, like Bangalore. Even though parents send their kids to pursue sports, dance, and other extracurricular activities, this lacks the regularity expected from those sessions. The number one reason is, the cost of such activities is too high. So, we end up with weekend training or 2-3 times a week. Even schools have one session of Physical Training per week. This frequency is too less, compared to the previous generation kids. Those kids used to play all day long and every day.

While the social pressure mounts on Kids to excel in their education, they take an easy route to keep their instincts active by engaging in gaming and entertainment. This way, it creates a worrying pattern of development. Physically inactive and mentally active kids are what we can define them as. Eventually, there is a long-term impact on kids’ health.

The only solution to make kids healthy is daily fitness workouts. When we say fitness workouts, it can be sports, dance, exercise, or anything which involves physical activities. Kids want to play daily, play sports daily, or they want to be active every day. If we enable this for the current generation of kids, we make them safe from the most common epidemic diseases we see in this contemporary world.

Author: Rajkumar

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