Bodybuilding takes time – says International Natural BodyBuilder A V Ravi

Author: Divya Rajkumar

In this episode of Physeek Cafe Kannada, our host Vijaykumar speaks to the International Natural BodyBuilder, Bharatha Sresha (Mr. India), Ekalvya Award winner, and South Indian Actor, Mr. A.V. Ravi.

The Natural BodyBuilder explains his background, importance of Natural BodyBuilding and provides various suggestions to youngsters aspiring to this sport.

Full Length Interview with International Natural BodyBuilder – Mr. A.V. Ravi

What was the intention to take up natural bodybuilding training?

Firstly, before the beginning of my natural bodybuilding training, many people used to build their bodies naturally, and they were sports such as Kusthi, kabaddi, etc.

Before, people did not know artificial bodybuilding or any protein supplements, injections, or any kinds of drugs. I grew up in such type of environment I did not know about supplements.

For the first time, when I went to an International bodybuilding competition in France there I saw other people taking supplements then I came to know about supplements. But I never took such supplements to date, and future, too, I will never.

What advice would you give for the younger generation who is more dependent on bodybuilding supplements? 

I am against such thoughts of supplements. I took more than a hundred gold medals through natural bodybuilding. I have represented as an Indian bodybuilder 18 times. Recently I was an Indian team coach for bodybuilding. I gained all this achievement only because of my natural bodybuilding.

Natural bodybuilding means the food we eat at home, which helped me to become Mr. India. The present generation has wrong thoughts about supplements that without that we cannot build our body naturally. I am not against them, but before you take such a supplement, you need to consult a doctor about it. 

For at least six months or a year, try to build your body naturally without any supplements; later on, you can decide to take a supplement or no. I am the living example of natural bodybuilding; you all can do it naturally, so try it. Natural bodybuilding stays for more than 60 years. 

What are the pre-workouts for natural bodybuilding?  

Firstly, having lots of sleep, eating healthy homemade food, and regular exercise helps you naturally build your body. At least you all need two years to know the concept of bodybuild. A 1-inch muscle needs at least six months to grow. Patience is more important for a bodybuilder. 

Which are the celebrities you trained?  

I have trained Pawan Kalyan, Mega Star Chiranjeevi, Nagendra Babu, and their sons in the Telugu industry. In the Kannada industry, Sharan, Rockline Venkatesh, Jaggesh, Ravichandra, Balaji, and present youngsters.

What advice do you give for youngsters who smoke and drink but still go to the gym for workouts?  

Always have a limit in whatever habits you have. Exercise is one way for longer life. Health is wealth. 

What are other options apart from going to the gym? 

There are many free workouts like on grounds, house, or any other place, but there should be a dedication to exercise. Follow the timing and maintain a regular exercise cycle to reach a goal and have a healthy body. Daily at least spend half an hour or 45 minutes for exercise.

How to get used to daily exercise?   

Never do exercise in excitement; always have baby steps. Please start with the timings of half an hour and then increase it, which helps in regular disciplinary exercise. 

Who was and is your inspiration?

My poverty is my inspiration. Never fear poverty. Poverty never lets you down, but your laziness and lack of mood. To reach your goal, you need motivation, not wealth.    

Tell us about your other social activities? 

When I was young, my relative used to take me to social services and Kannada associations. My Uncle, a state referee at present, used to take me to sports, which inspired me in social activities. I have done inauguration for gyms, sports shops, and people call me happy, and I share my experience there with them. I like to go to government schools and colleges because they also come from low-income families like me. 

Thirty years have been complete for Ravi’s gym in Bengaluru. During the function, I organized Mr. India’s competition also. 

How do you motivate the new generation apart from sports and gym? 

I want to tell parents who always force kids to study. Please don’t move kids to studies; know their interests and let them achieve in that field. I am an average student, and now I work as an Income-tax Officer. If kids are interested in sports, allow them to play; please encourage kids for sports. 

In the future, if they win state and national level sports government itself recruits them for jobs. Today whatever my achievements are there, it is due to sports. Please do encourage kids for sports along with sports it helps them to have a healthy life span. 

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