Disadvantages Of Eating Junk Food

We all love to binge on junk food.  Yes, we all do that. Owing to the instant nature of junk food, people are making the unhealthy choice of eating it regularly. The main question here is – what is junk food? These essential food items have little to no nutrients and serious health consequences. Junk food includes foods like burgers, chips, instant noodles, etc. They are rich in trans-fat and MSG, the main causes of diseases like obesity, diabetes, and cancer. This article gives in detail about what are the disadvantages of eating junk food.

Causes issues with memory

Having a lot of junk food could affect your memory. This is because when you have food rich in fat and sugar, it slows down learning and retention speed. Too many of these foods can affect the parts of your brain that take care of learning and memory.

Disadvantages of eating Junk Food: Decreases Hunger

Disadvantages Of Eating Junk Food
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When we think about what are the disadvantages of eating junk food, lowered appetite is one of the primary things that come to our mind. Too many of these food items send confusing signals to the brain. This affects your hunger by keeping your belly full for a long time. Therefore, your intake of healthy food also decreases.

Eating Junk Food can be a reason for depression

Having a lot of fast foods alters the chemical activity of our brain. This leads to problems like withdrawal symptoms and issues with stress management. That is what leads to depression. Research confirms that people with a lot of fast foods are more prone to depression than those who don’t. 

More risk of cancer

Studies confirm that there is a link between having fast food and an increase in cases of colon cancer. They also confirm that if someone eats fried potatoes more than five times a week, they are more prone to colon cancer.

Causes digestion issues

Nowadays, kids are the ones who eat junk food the most. One of the pertinent issues right now is that junk food is easily available in schools. One of the disadvantages of junk food in schools is that kids over-consume it. It causes issues like acidity, IBS, bloating, etc. They are high in sodium and which causes water to retain in the stomach and cause bloating.

Disadvantages of eating Junk Food: Obesity

Eating junk food is directly linked with obesity. Over the past few years, a lot of people have been growing obese. The main reason for that is the increase in consumption of junk food. Food like chips, instant noodles, pizza, etc., have a high level of carbs, and they contribute to increased fat tissues of our body.

Heart disease risk

Food items like soda, noodles, chips, cookies, and pizza have a lot of sugar, sodium, and trans-fat. They increase the bad cholesterol level in our body and cause heart problems. This cholesterol clogs the arteries and causes heart blockage too.

Disadvantages of eating Junk Food: Diabetes

Disadvantages Of Eating Junk Food diabetes

There are a lot of simple carbs in junk food. This increases blood sugar levels. Having them regularly will hinder the insulin content in the body and increase the risk of diabetes. Eating junk also causes an increase in weight because of insulin resistance.

Causes kidney problems

When you have food rich in sodium, it builds up fluid in your kidneys. Having high-sodium food could increase the calcium content of your body and collect in your kidney. This causes kidney stones which are harmful to your body.

Causes Liver problems

When you have a lot of junk food, the fat collects in the liver. This leads to liver diseases like non-alcoholic fatty liver. Therefore, it is important to avoid junk food at all costs. 

Eating Junk Food hampers fertility

Having a lot of junk food causes fertility issues in men and women. A lot of problems like less sperm count and stillborn babies are very common as an effect of eating junk food.

Decreases bone density

Food like soda, candies, noodles, and pizza have high acid content. They also tend to erode your tooth enamel as they expose them to bacteria. Apart from that, they can also decrease your bone density and cause osteoporosis.

Causes Skin problems

One common thing that pops up in our mind when we think of what are the disadvantages of junk food bad skin is the most prominent one. Having a lot of junk can cause acne. Children and teenagers who eat fast food are more prone to acne and eczema.

How to decrease your junk food consumption

To lead a long and healthy life, it is very important to improve your food habits. Small changes in your diet and lifestyle can have a big impact. With the right steps, you can have major changes in your system. Here are some ways you can avoid eating junk food.

  1. Drink a lot of water: Water is a good solvent. Drinking a lot of water not only washes out all the toxins but also keeps hunger at bay.
  2. Get rest: For an adult, 7-8 hours of sleep is a must. Having a proper sleep helps in better digestion and keeps you fresh.
  3. Don’t stress too much: The key to good health is stress-free. The less stress you have, the more fulfilling life you will have.
  4. Eat mindfully: The main issue that people face is that they eat without thinking much. If you are mindful about what you eat, count the calories, and see the nutrients, you can live a healthy life.
  5. Eat a balanced diet: You need to eat surplus food in every kind of nutrient like vitamins, minerals, calcium, etc.

Ways to have a healthy diet

Disadvantages Of Eating Junk Food

It would help if you had a good diet with the right proteins and veggies to improve your health. Follow these habits to have a fit and healthy life:

  1. Eat a lot of fruits and veggies: The more fruits and veggies you have on your plate, the more nutrient-rich your plate is. Choose a variety of food items like kiwi, broccoli, apples, etc., for your platter.
  2. Eat whole grains- Have food like whole-wheat bread and brown rice more often. When you eat them more and avoid refined and processed food, the fiber requirement of your body is fulfilled. Complex carbs are a very important part of any diet, and you can meet their needs by having whole grains.
  3. Switch to fat-free milk- Nowadays, milk with low-fat content is readily available. They come with names like low-fat, double-toned, etc. This milk is rich in calcium but has less calorie content.
  4. Go for protein-rich food: Have meat, especially lean meat. Lean meat is that meat which has less fat content in them. You can have eggs, chicken, fish, etc., to meet your protein needs. You can also go for a lean cut of beef for good protein.
  5. Do not consume a lot of sodium: See the labels for the sodium content of all kinds of food. Choose the food items which do not have a lot of sodium. The less sodium you consume, the less prone you are to bone-related issues.
  6. Switch water and fruit juices with sugar-rich drinks- Aerated drinks are dripping with sugar. They are extremely bad for your health. They have excess calories too. So, whenever you are thirsty, try to avoid these drinks and have healthy fruit juices and water instead.
  7. Have Sea-food: Fish and shrimp are rich in protein. They have healthy fat in them and are also rich in proteins and vitamins. Try including them in your food to have a balanced diet.
  8. Avoid solid fat food- Food items like cookies, noodles, and processed meat are all solid fats. They are high in bad cholesterol and calories. So try and avoid them as much as possible.
  9. Try to eat more home-cooked food: When you have instant food or takeaways, they are usually fast foods. You are often unaware of the calorie content and the nutrients in them. When you cook food at home, you are mindful of the nutrients and the oil intake. Therefore, make home-cooked food as much as possible and avoid food from the outside.
  10. Take food in small portions: When you take small portions of food, especially junk, you can avoid many of its bad effects. There will be less calorie consumption as well as a decrease in their long-term effects.
  11. Exercise on a regular basis: Be it cardio, be it strength, in order to stay healthy, exercising is very important. To balance out the calories that you consume and to stay toned and healthy, try to exercise at least 3-4 times a week. That way, even if you have a little junk, it will balance it out.

In the modern era, junk food is omnipresent. It is almost impossible to avoid them at all times. But giving in to your habits and over-consuming them is bad for your health and well-being. It takes a lot of willpower to avoid tempting food, but one can easily achieve it if one tries hard enough. After all, as the famous saying goes, you are what you eat. And eating well will let you be well with your life.


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