Importance of Employee Learning For Growth And Development

Holistic growth of an employee and company 

A Chinese proverb goes, ‘Be not afraid of growing slowly. Be afraid only of standing still.’ Another saying by Greek philosopher Heraclitus goes ‘Change is the only constant thing.’ Growth is constant and absolute and in the corporate world, employee learning for job development is just as strategic and essential.

Come to think of it, change and growth have always gone hand in hand. A change when taken in the right spirit will always lead to growth. Today, growth is definitely a buzzword in every area of our lives – be it personal or professional. Only if we come out of our comfort zone to change our mindset, can we grow. Any individual, society or company that rejects change is indirectly bidding adieu to growth. 

The booming job market 

Remember the days when job seekers would scan through classifieds in newspapers, stand in long lines outside offices and wait for days or sometimes, even weeks to get a call back? Now, thanks to technology, millions of job portals are easily accessible online and one can know of a job opening in a jiffy and can also apply for it in a couple of easy steps from the comfort of home.

Yes, although the job market received a major blow thanks to covid and its subsequent waves, it is slowly getting back on its feet right now with many companies looking for the right talent to meet their goals. Now is the ideal time for job seekers and job providers to grow! This is great news for those who lost their jobs during the pandemic and also the dreamy-eyed youngsters, who are all set to enter the job market with their brand new degrees. All these people when provided with the right opportunities can make a bright career for themselves. 

The importance of the right hire and assessment 

However, sometimes the wrong hire cost a company a fortune and an individual his dreams. Imagine an engineering graduate in a doctor’s role? Yes, that’s how problematic it can be. Hence, it’s very important for enterprises to hire the right candidate with the right skills for the right job. Traitfit, a team of bright and ambitious minds, helps companies assess each employee before a hire so that the right individual is employed for the right job.

Traitfit bridges the gap between individuals and companies with a thorough skill assessment of an employee. 

What are skill assessment tests?

Employee Learning For Growth And Development

What is the core strength of an employee? How is the employee learning and leaning in leadership skills or critical growth and development thinking? How does a particular team work in an enterprise? These are certain questions that might arise in the minds of many company owners and an easy way to get the answers to all these questions is through a range of skill assessment tests.  

Skill assessments are easy and interesting tests developed to gauge the skills of employees to help them perform to the best of their abilities. These tests can also be used for an efficient hire to see if an individual is suited for a particular job. 

Traitfit – bridging the gap between companies and employees

Traitfit seeks to bring companies closer to the right talent as it provides a series of comprehensive tools to help organizations grow and perform to the maximum potential. This is done in the form of comprehensive solutions, assessments and consulting which not only help organizations and academia in their overall growth and well-being but also individuals to polish their skills up. 

We have a broad range of scientifically validated assessments that are widely used for training needs analysis, motivation building, soft skills enhancement, leadership development, and team building. Additionally, we even offer customized assessments based on your organization’s needs.


Our assessments are broadly classified under three categories – behavioural, domain and cognitive & skill assessments. Traitfit’s behavioural assessments help with employee satisfaction and also assist the organization in enhancing his or her productivity skills. In addition to standardized tests, Traitfit has customized tests like employability skills assessment, emotional intelligence assessment and employee engagement assessment as part of behavioural assessment. Our team of professionals also develop tests on leadership assessment, corporate communication skills, business acumen and employee stress, all of which are important factors for the well-being of an employee and the company that he or she works for. 

Although there is no dearth of jobs in the market, the world is highly competitive and employing the right individual with the requisite skills for a job is a major factor for the growth of any company and the economy on the whole. Traitfit’s domain assessments are the best in the industry and much sought-after by all companies for an efficient hire. 

Our cognitive & skills assessment focus on the highly necessary skills of critical-thinking, problem-solving and decision-making, which are the foundations of a good leader who in turn leads a successful team which forms the backbone of every organization. They are important for growth and development and are an important part of employee learning. 


Traitfit has an experienced and skilled team of consultants that closely observe the frameworks of your company and recognize its needs. Focusing on these requirements, the team comes up with a custom-made plan that works best for your organization. Traitfit’s team can assess culture, necessary skills, attitudes, personality traits, values, and domain expertise.

The success of a company largely depends on the mental health of its employees. As part of consulting, Traitfil also ties up with companies to focus on the training, counseling and well-being of an employee. With a wide range of expertise in the areas of counseling and psychometric testing, Traitfit offers a holistic well-being model for the growth of employees and organizations.

Choose us today 

Our assessments are online and scalable and our team is always ready to guide you. With over nine years of psychometric assessment experience, Traitfit has 100+ pre-built tests available in multiple languages. We have over 20 clients in India and across the world and over 20,000 tests of ours are taken every year. 

These are some of the many reasons why you should consult Traitfit today and be on the fast track to success. 


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