Essential List For Newborns Every Parent Should Have

essential list for newborns

Welcoming a newborn to home can be one of life’s biggest joys. It is certainly a time of great upheaval in the lives of the new parents. One of the best parenting tips that resonate the world over for its common sense is to benefit from the knowledge of other parents. Here is an essential list for newborns and things you need to know about your newborn, from things to buy to everything about keeping her healthy, fit and happy.

To Buy: Essential List for Newborns

essential list for newborns

As a parent-to-be, it can be overwhelming if you start taking advice from each and every Tom, Dick and Harry. Indians are well-known for their penchant to dole out advice, even if it is not asked for. However, knowing what to buy is certainly useful when you do not have much of an idea. So here goes:


One of the most important newborn baby essentials’ lists in India is for clothes. You need diapers, onesies, sleep suits, rompers, at least 6 pairs of socks, a cotton sweater, hats and baby booties for her feet.

If it’s the summer, you are going to need sunscreen and mosquito cloth repellent, and a hat to shield the baby’s eyes. A stroller curtain for when you take her out is also a good buy.

If it’s the winter, you will need blankets, sweaters, jackets and sweatshirts, as well as woolen hats and booties for her feet.

Rest assured, most visiting friends and relatives will come over to see the baby with quite a few new baby clothes, and you are definitely going to use them! Babies, you need a lot of clothes for sure.

For Nursing

Feeding the baby is pretty much the most important thing you will do as a mother. So make sure that you have at least a couple of nursing bras, breast pads and nursing dresses or gowns to wear all day. You may also require nipple cream and perhaps a breast pump if you are planning to pump your milk. You may also need feeding bottles, a brush for cleaning the bottles, a steriliser, a nursing pillow and some bibs.

To Arrange: Essential List for Newborns

When you bring home a newborn, the feeling can be overwhelming. That is why before you go to the hospital, the idea is to already have a space in the house where your baby will be staying. It is not easy to do so and the sooner during your pregnancy you do it, the better it will be. Here are some pointers to remember.

The Location

  • Decide where your newborn baby is going to live for the first few months of his or her life (or longer). This is the time when the child is going to be quite immobile and it is best to have a space where the baby can be comfortable. While Indians have mostly been co-sleeping with their babies, times are changing and many new parents are opting for their baby’s own room.

If you are considering a room for the baby, then become comfortable with the space. You will be spending a lot of time in it feeding and putting the baby to sleep and basically doing the things new parents do. It is certainly a smart thing to have the baby’s room near your own bedroom so that you can listen to your baby’s voice every time he or she cries.

Get the Basics

  • A healthy parenting tip for new parents is to only arrange the baby’s room in absolute basics. There are lots of different things people will tell you to buy or buy for you themselves. But the truth is that it just adds to the clutter. So get a crib, rocking or nursing chair and a table to dress the baby and prepare food. Anything else can be bought later as you need it.


  • This is an essential Indian parenting tip that modern parents should definitely keep in mind. Baby-proofing your house is not something many people in our country do. Because most households have quite a few family members who keep an eye on the baby. But it does not work out that way in the present times.

Baby-proofing is something that does not have to cost a lot of money or time. All you have to do is get dangerous things like fire, knives, etc. away from the baby’s room. The sharp edges of tables and chairs should also be taken care of by covering them. Glass articles should also be kept beyond the baby’s reach. So when the baby starts crawling and walking, she will be safe.

First-Aid: Essential List for Newborns

It is not just your baby that can get hurt during the first few months, but you too can get hurt. That is why keeping a first-aid kid ready to go is a good idea. It is one of the crucial newborn baby essentials list India.

You must buy a digital thermometer, nasal aspirator, medicine dropper, diaper rash cream, antibacterial cream, cotton wool, sterile gauze, Vaseline, and bandages. All this will come in handy if you accidentally cut your finger or your baby runs a fever. Of course, consulting a pediatrician if your newborn feels ill is necessary.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Hand-Me-Downs

One of the good tips for new parents is to use hand-me-downs without any embarrassment. In India, it is common for family members to pass down well-loved clothes and other baby items to newborn babies in the family. It is a wonderful gesture and a sustainable one. If you do get some hand-me-downs, make sure you wash and sanitize before using them for your baby. You will definitely be sharing the joy of your newborn with others in the family this way!

8 Things to Know: Essential List for Newborns

#1: Overwhelm and Stress

The first few months with your little bundle of joy are not all roses and peaches. It can be quite a lot of overwhelm and stress as your body and home try to do their very best to adjust to a newborn baby. It is best to do as little as you can other than doing all the basic things for your baby. Try to cut down on the stress by outsourcing as much of the household chores as possible.

Get someone to do the cleaning and cooking and make sure your partner does his share. This will keep the overwhelm and stress at bay as you get used to having a baby around.

#2: They Sleep a Lot

Newborn sleep needs are high and they will sleep sixteen to seventeen hours every day. But they do so irregularly and this is the time when you will have trouble getting good sleep. However, it also points to the fact that it is developmentally good for newborns to sleep as much as possible.

#3: Feeding is Crucial

Whether you breastfeed or formula-feed your little one, one of the tips for good parenting is to feed them regularly. She is going to pee and poop quite a bit too. So you can expect her to have a good appetite in the first few months. Basically, she will be feeding and sleeping most of the time.

#4: Get Sleep When You Can

As a parent of a newborn, finding the time to sleep can be difficult for those first few months. That is why you need to sleep whenever you can, without any guilt whatsoever. Normal routine life will allude you. And it is okay to go with the flow when it is about your baby.

#5: She Will Grow Fast

Newborns grow insanely fast and it can be very soon when she outgrows her first baby clothes. In fact, till 6 months of age, they grow anything between ½ and 1 inch every month.

#6: Look at their Diapers

This is another tip for young parents: always look at the baby’s diapers. Since your newborn will not be speaking a lot to you, you must look at her diapers every time you change her. The color of her poop, the color of her pee, and how many times you are changing her diaper will tell you a story.

Less than 6 diapers a day may indicate that she is dehydrated and you need to have a talk with your pediatrician.

#7: Bathing Time is Crucial

Bath time for your little one can be a time for connection. Yes, it can seem tedious to bathe her every day but the Indian climate is such that you need to do it. Sponge baths are fine and it is a time you can laugh and play with your little one and she is sure to notice. So have fun!

Final Thoughts

Now that you have the essential list for newborns in India, it is time to go shopping, arrange the furniture, or just gain some wisdom about what you can expect the parenting life to be like. It is a wonderful journey to be on and with confidence on your side, you can ace it!

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