What Every Parent Should Know About Fitness For Teens

Being concerned about your child is what you do, isn’t it? Well, that is called being a parent! If your child is not really a ‘’child’’ anymore and has moved into his teens years, then taking care of his fitness should be a priority. During this time, the body develops a lot and your teenager needs good nutrition and exercise to be fit and healthy.

So what can you as a parent do for your teen’s fitness? This blog tells all.

Understand Why Fitness for Teens is Important

This is the crux of the matter. It is up to you to make sure that your child has the right view of fitness and health. Social media can sometimes showcase a negative view of fitness by portraying that losing weight or having a particular body weight is what health is about. But that is not true. Instead, understand first why your child must be fit. Here are some good reasons:

  • Will be active all day.
  • Can study more so that he can fulfill his career dreams.
  • Will play more with friends.
  • Can enjoy his food more because he is healthy enough to do it.
  • Will enjoy all aspects of his life more.

The above are some great reasons why teenage children need to think about fitness and make it a part of their daily lives. You can talk to your child about it because doing it in this manner is going to ensure that there are absolutely no negative connotations attached to ‘’fitness’’.

fitness for teens

Teens Fitness is About Being Active

One of the best healthy parenting tips for teenagers is to help them be active. It does not have to be that they have to spend time at the gym when they would rather play on an open field or grounds. In India, there is the advantage of open spaces and parks, even in bigger cities. Encourage your child to go out and spend time there being active. He can play a sport he likes with friends or they can simply run and race together.

Spend Time Outdoors

Being an Indian teenager is a lot about getting good scores at school and doing well academically. There is a lot of pressure from parents to have a stable career! However, the right parenting is also about knowing what your child needs and that is the outdoors. No matter what the season, it is important that your child gets to spend some time at least outdoors. Whether it is chatting with friends or going for a quick run in the morning, the outdoors has a wonderful effect on the mind and your teenager needs that.

Endurance Activities are a Must

As a teenager, your child is gearing for a life out in the world without you being the proverbial ‘shade’. For this, his endurance needs to be high and endurance activities can be great for the purpose. Such exercises are catching, throwing, and running. Boys and girls should indulge in these activities because it helps them build stamina by a huge margin.

Cardiovascular Exercises are Necessary

To boost his stamina and metabolism, nothing is better than cardiovascular exercises. This can include jogging, running, and skipping rope. When your teenager does any of this, it is good for his overall health and fitness.

Employ a Flexibility Routine

Another teens fitness tip for your child is that he needs to have a flexible routine. This is because as pre-teens, flexibility is the norm. But during the teenage growing years, it is easy for studies and extracurricular activities to take over and this can make the child inflexible. That is why doing stretching exercises every day can help a lot in keeping that flexibility intact.

Skipping the Heavy Weights

While many teenagers may want to start with building muscles outright, the truth is that they are still growing and hence lifting too heavy is just not a smart thing to do. He can do some strength training but lifting heavyweight is a no-no at this age. You don’t want him to disrupt his growth plates. It is also a good idea to tell him to understand and practice the correct form of lifting before going on too heavy lifting.

Having a Good Body Image

Another Indian parenting tip to keep in mind is to always encourage healthy body image in your child. Girls especially face a lot of criticism about their weight and body during these years. This can play a negative role in their mindset and you don’t want that. A healthy body image is essential for a healthy mind and that is what you should inculcate.

Developing a strong bone mass and muscle tone is necessary for both boys and girls and regular exercise can make it happen.

Take Part in Physical Activities at School

The good news is that schools have started taking fitness for teens seriously these days which makes most of them have some sort of physical exercise routine every week. The trick is to make sure that your child participates in these school activities as much as possible.

Nutrition Tips for Fitness for Teens

fitness for teens

Food is an incredibly important part of staying fit and healthy for both children and adults. As your child enters her teenage years, it is normal for him to start asserting his independence and be more vocal about what he wants to eat. These choices may not always be healthy. One of the best parenting tips for parents of teenagers is to keep in touch with the kind of food your child eats daily.

Here are 5 tips to help:

#1: Help Him Make Good Food Choices

The most effective parenting tip you should know as a parent of a teenage child is that you have the power to make him make good choices. And this includes food. Yes, ultimately your child is autonomous and he is going to make his own choices but helping him make good choices is what parenting is about. So make sure he does not skip breakfast, or help him choose healthier alternatives to processed foods and teach him to choose fresh always.

The thing with teens’ fitness is that the values you teach them now are going to stand them in good stead all their lives and help them make better choices when he is an adult.

#2: Never Forget Calcium in Teens Fitness

A parenting tips discipline is making sure that your child has enough calcium in his diet. Bone development and density are what calcium aids the growth of and it is a critical requirement for your teenage child. They need about 1300 milligrams a day. Milk, which most Indian children drink quite a bit of during their pre-teen years, usually becomes a secondary choice after soft drinks and such. This can be troublesome for their calcium needs.

So keeping the milk in their diet intact may be the best idea. Cheese and yogurt can also be taken to fulfill their daily calcium needs.

#3: Teenage Girls Need More Iron

Yes, that’s right. So if you have a teenage girl, make sure she is getting at least 15 milligrams every day. If she has an iron deficiency, cramping and period pains can occur. So make sure that she eats enough iron-rich foods every day such as spinach, eggs, lean meats, and fish. Beans are also a wonderful choice to meet iron requirements for both boys and girls.

#4: Keep Teens Away from Diet Culture for Fitness

Simple parenting tips are what most parents require, right? One of them is to make sure that your teenager stays away from the culture of dieting that has pervaded the world. They are still in their growing years and hence dieting is not something they should do. Periods of fasting or uncontrolled emotional eating are both unadvisable and hence your focus should be on serving wholesome and delicious food at proper times during the day.

If you for some reason suspect that your child is suffering from an eating disorder, it is necessary to deal with it swiftly and effectively. Whether it is by talking with him or by going to a child nutrition specialist, eating disorders can be terrible to deal with if left untreated.

#5: Good Snacking

As your child goes into his teenage years, snacking is something he will be doing quite a lot. It is easy to snack on things when he is studying for his exams or listening to music. So keeping good snacking options in your home is a way of keeping junk at bay. Indian snacks are known for being mostly deep-fried but there are healthier options too. So pick a few and keep them where your child can have easy access.

Final Words

Being a parent to a teenager is never easy. It can feel as if it is a huge task to actually talk to them. But with love and patience, they can be won to our side. It is about making a connection with them and helping them meet their fitness requirements.

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