Cricket in Times of Covid-19

  • Cricket in Times of Covid-19

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  • Rajkumar

    February 10, 2021 at 6:11 pm

    The most recent event in collective living memory is the spread of the novel coronavirus. All sporting events were cancelled in the wake of the virus spreading like wildfire. Many games are now taking place behind closed doors to curtail the spread while some indoor sports remain suspended.

    But what about cricket?

    Cricket events are now gradually resuming around the world. However, there is still speculation amongst the general public and experts as to whether cricket balls can spread coronavirus. While players are highly unlikely to come in contact with each other on the pitch, the virus can still spread via surfaces. Since bowlers use their saliva to polish the ball or rub it on their clothes, there is a risk of transmission. But if enough precautions are followed, like checking players’ temperatures before letting them out on to the pitch, the spread can be controlled.

    Breaking the rules

    However, there are still restrictions on playing cricket outside of professional environments. Almost twenty individuals were booked by the police for breaking social distancing rules to play cricket in Gujarat. While it is healthy to participate in a sport to boost one’s immune system and mental health, this should not be done in a way that poses a hazard to the population.

    Cricket can still be played by taking appropriate precautions against the virus. India has contained the spread but that does not mean that citizens should take the virus lightly. Make sure you wear a mask when playing any game in a big group!

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