Tips to Improve Your Batting Skills with Practice

  • Tips to Improve Your Batting Skills with Practice

    Posted by Rajkumar Neelappa on March 7, 2021 at 3:20 pm

    For every sport, consistent practice and determination are of the highest importance. Unless you consistently keep trying, you will not be able to ace the game. Every great player who has risen to fame in this sport can testify that uncountable hours of toil got them to the top.

    However, practice alone will be of little use unless you are doing it in the right way. Here are some dill practices that you can do to rise to the top:

    Shadow batting

    For this drill, all you need are a set of stumps and a bat. This is suitable for all those who are working to improve their batting skills. It also helps you improve your plan for the game in shadow batting; all you do is practice the motion of imaginary shots with your bat.

    Practising in this way will make you feel much more comfortable when you are facing the actual shots.

    Short Ball Drills

    In this practice, all you need is a cricket bat and a set of balls, along with someone to volunteer to throw the balls. The volunteer need not have any idea regarding the game as they only have to hurl the balls towards you. Stumps, gloves, and netting may also be used. This practice is to help you learn facing the short balls.

    Simply ask the volunteer to kneel down a few paces away from you. Now ask them to throw the ball in your direction. Now try to react with the ball and experiment with the shots.

    These drills will definitely help you to perform better in the next match.

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