Who is the Father of Cricket?

  • Who is the Father of Cricket?

    Posted by Divya Rajkumar on September 12, 2022 at 9:03 am

    Cricket is a bat-and-ball game that originated in England. The game is played between two teams of eleven players each, and the object is to score runs by hitting the ball with a bat and running between wickets. Although the game can be traced back to the 12th century, it was not until the 18th century that it began to take on its modern form. The first reference to cricket being played as a sport can be found in a 1597 court case description, which mentions men playing a game called “creckett.” The game gradually spread throughout England and became particularly popular in the south, where it was played extensively by schoolboys. It was also around this time that cricket began to be referred to as “the gentleman’s game.” The first known competitive match was played in 1709, between Kent and Surrey. However, it was not until the early 19th century that cricket began to spread beyond England’s shores. The first overseas match was played in 1844 between the United States and Canada. Today, cricket is played worldwide and is especially popular in countries such as India, Pakistan, and Australia. Given its long and rich history, it is no wonder that cricket is often referred to as the “father of all sports.”

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