Workout Types That Can Improve Your Health and Cricket Skills

  • Workout Types That Can Improve Your Health and Cricket Skills

    Posted by Rajkumar Neelappa on March 7, 2021 at 3:21 pm

    Cricket is one of those rare sports that have fans spread all across the globe. While many people peruse cricket professionally, amateur players too play cricket and enjoy the game. If you are into playing cricket, you must have often wondered how exactly one improves in the game.

    Mere practice on the net will not achieve the goal for you. It would help if you supplemented your practice with other types of workouts as well. Here are a few workout types that can improve both your game and your health:


    Yes, the traditional squats can actually help you improve your cricket skills. Surprised to hear this? Squatting actually improves your strength and energy level. In one go, you are exercising your legs, shoulders, and trunks. You can bring in variations by using barbells and the like for the squats.

    Romanian Deadlift

    In cricket, the way you run can make a great deal of difference, both while scoring runs as well as during fielding. Unless you have practised, it increases the chances of injury during the actual game. Romanian deadlift can help you improve your hip movement while keeping your weight under control.

    Press Ups

    Have you ever thought that press-ups could be beneficial too? Press-ups are perhaps one of the most underrated exercises in the world. But it works great in adding a touch of stability to your arms and trunks.

    Apart from these, bent over rows, chin-ups, and hang pulls are also great exercise type. Try out these workouts today and improve your game in no time.

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