What’s Happening with Cycling These Days?

  • What’s Happening with Cycling These Days?

    Posted by Physeek Team on February 12, 2021 at 2:29 pm

    The biggest event that has happened to the collective public in recent times is the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone is now conscious of their health and fitness and many have taken up cycling as a hobby. As sports like swimming remain halted, many are resorting to cycling as a way of keeping fit.

    Let us examine what this means for cyclists.

    The sad news

    Many sports events have either been cancelled or postponed, and this applies to cycling as well. The Tour of Andalucía was cancelled in January 2021 and came as a disappointment to many fans and players who were looking forward to it.

    A boom!

    The professional sport has suffered but is thriving for those interested in casual riding. The latest research shows that cycling has increased by 29% in and near London. Cycling brand Insync sold over 50,000 units in 2020 alone! India is experiencing a cycling boom as well, as manufacturers are struggling to meet the sheer demand.

    The cycling industry has perhaps contributed more to the economy in 2020 alone more than it has in previous years.

    Due to the stringent lockdowns, citizens are feeling cooped up and looking for ways to venture outside, socialize and beat loneliness. Additionally, exercise is a good way of distracting yourself and it also makes one happy. While it is saddening that events are still getting cancelled, we must rejoice in the fact that many are reconnecting with their childhood as they pick up bikes.

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