How Running Can Help Battle Coronavirus

  • How Running Can Help Battle Coronavirus

    Posted by Physeek Team on March 2, 2021 at 2:41 pm

    Running is a popular activity with various health benefits. The unprecedented pandemic has forced all other sports and group activities to take a backseat. However, you can still go out for a run which can in turn help in combating the virus.

    The risk of transmission is low

    Running is a fairly low-risk activity. As long as you are wearing a mask, social distancing and do not belong to a high-risk group, there is little chance of you contracting the virus. While the virus is airborne, you do not need to worry about catching it from runners or cyclists.

    Running can protect you from the virus

    In fact, running can stimulate your body to produce antibodies. Running increases your heart rate and blood flow, making it easier for white cells to travel faster to possible inflection points in your body. Additionally, going out for a run is a great way to get vitamin-D. Since everyone has spent the past few months indoors, we need to get our daily dose of vitamin-D to remain healthy. Vitamin-D helps in boosting our immune system. Combining that with the other benefits of running can do wonders in protecting you from the virus and other infections.

    Maintain your sanity

    Running for as little as half an hour can help combat feelings of loneliness and despair. Being outside and breathing in the fresh air can elevate your mood instantly.

    There are several other health benefits that
    come from running regularly. Dust off your running shoes today and venture out!

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