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    Posted by Divya Rajkumar  on November 3, 2022 at 9:48 am

    A marathon is a long-distance running event with an official distance of 42.2 kilometers or 26.2 miles. Marathon races are held worldwide, often in large cities, and attract professional and amateur runners. The first marathon race is thought to have been held in 480 B.C. when a messenger ran from the site of the Battle of Marathon to Athens to deliver news of the Greek victory. The modern marathon was first held at the 1896 Summer Olympics in Athens and has been included in the Olympics ever since. Marathons are also everyday road racing events, with many large marathons each year, such as the Boston Marathon and the New York City Marathon. The Boston Marathon, one of the world’s largest and most prestigious marathons, attracts over 30,000 participants each year. Long-distance running is a popular form of exercise for many people, as it provides a challenging workout and can be done outdoors in pleasant weather. Training for a marathon requires dedication and commitment but can be very rewarding physically and mentally. It is important to have a solid plan and stick to it. With dedication and perseverance, you can cross that finish line feeling accomplished and proud. Crossing the finish line of a marathon is a life-changing achievement for many runners.

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