The Commercial Side of Yoga

  • The Commercial Side of Yoga

    Posted by Rajkumar Neelappa on March 9, 2021 at 5:42 pm

    Today, everyone is looking to earn money by doing what they love. Any form of physical exercise has great monetary scope. Let us see how yoga has been commercialized and what impact covid-19 has had on it.

    Wellness tourism

    The pandemic has drastically impacted the economy. With restrictions on travel, citizens are now finding wellness retreats more attractive. Wellness tourism has seen a boom in popularity and is now a full-fledged business. Many are resorting to these to improve their immune systems. Wellness resorts can be expensive because of their state-of-the-art facilities. However, after being locked down for so long, people may consider these as they offer both travel opportunities and self-exploration.

    YouTube Classes

    If you can’t afford your own yoga studio, consider teaching yoga through YouTube. You can even earn money if you gain enough followers! It is a great way of monetizing your passion.

    Covid impact

    In these unprecedented times, yoga has proven successful in boosting a person’s immunity. It can also help a person recovering from covid-19. It is vital to maintain a healthy diet and exercise to fasten your recovery. Covid-19 attacks the respiratory system, so it is essential to increase lung capacity after recovering. Yoga helps in boosting energy and increasing blood circulation. It is advisable to partake in a few yoga sessions every week.

    It also assists in reducing anxiety and helps in stress management. Performing breathing exercises and meditation alone can aid the recovery process.

    Therefore, yoga is ideal if you want to boost your immunity or even earn some money!

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