From Gold to Aqua- Zumba Types That You Must Know About

  • From Gold to Aqua- Zumba Types That You Must Know About

    Posted by Rajkumar Neelappa on February 2, 2021 at 11:29 pm

    Developed by the choreographer cum fitness trainer Alberto Beto Perez, Zumba seems to have taken the fitness industry by storm. From celebrities to Instagram influences to in fact anyone wants to look and feel good, everyone seems to go gaga over this workout type.

    But did you know that there is not just one, but several types of Zumba? Here is a list of some of the most popular Zumba types that you must know about:

    Zumba Classic

    This is the original form of Zumba that was first developed in 2001. Set to Latin music with some global beats, this is a mix of high and low-intensity workouts. In fact, the entire steps are planned in such a way that you will never feel overtaxed with the workout. It is mainly a cardio-based workout.

    Zumba Gold

    The speed and intensity of the classic Zumba may pose a challenge to the older exercisers or those who have mobility issues. However, there is no need to despair as they have Zumba Gold for their aid. Zumba gold is a bit slower and easier than the classic beat. But the benefits remain the same.

    Aqua Zumba

    As the name suggests, Aqua Zumba has water involved in it. If you are bored with the usual gym or if you are looking for a workout suitable for pregnancy, then Aqua Zumba is just the thing for you. Here your Zumba class will be conducted in the pool with water aiding you in the workout.

    Apart from that, Zumba kids and plate by Zumba are some other popular variants. Understand your needs and choose a Zumba type accordingly.

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