Watch Kannada Interview: Gym workout tips by Sandalwood actor – Anjan

Author: Rajkumar Neelappa

Full length interview with Anjan – Kannada Actor

Physeek Cafe presents its first interview in Kannada with Sandalwood actor Anjan. The actor has over 15 years of experience in Gym training and he always keeps himself fit so that he is presentable in front of the camera.

The actor speaks about the necessity of fitness for movie heroes, different phases of the bodybuilding, and how actors manage to do workouts during their busy schedules. He shares his personal experience with Kannada Superstar Darshan. He has a big heart to help a disabled kid exercise to improve his coordination.

He speaks the truth about the usage of steroids in bodybuilding, and it’s side effects. He emphasizes the importance of safe workouts to avoid injuries.

About the fitness expert


Anjan started his fitness journey in the year 2000. At the same time, he also started as a junior artist in the Kannada movie industry.

He cherishes his best friends, especially BC Anil Kumar, whom he met him first in the Gym. Anil has helped him throughout his journey, right from filling petrol to buying clothes for his public appearances.

Apart from his friends, he credits his flexibility, talent, and success to his Gym Master.

Anjan has worked as an Anchor on a TV channel. He has acted in over 5 to 6 TV serials. His prominent appearances are in villain characters in 3 movies – Yaksha, Gubbi, and Chiru. He had always dreamt of becoming a Hero and has come a long way before started acting in 2016. He is awaiting releases of his movies like Dhamki, Nidhanavagi Chalisi, Vajrasthra, and he has begun shooting for a Movie named after himself – Anjan.


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