10 Healthy Habits For Students Parents Must Insist On

Being a parent, one must be loving as well as be consistent in routine and discipline. One of the best things a parent can do for her child is to inculcate healthy habits. The formation of healthy habits during childhood and teenage years is crucial for development and growth. It forms the basis of the rest of their lives. This article tells you why healthy habit development is important for students and what habits you can insist on in your child.

Why Should Healthy Habits for Students Be Insisted On

healthy habits for students

For Proper Growth and Development: Students need good habits to help them grow properly and develop in an age-appropriate manner. For instance, habits of going to sleep at proper times and eating regular meals will keep their bodies fit and healthy and thus promote growth. 

To Give Structure: Children crave structure and health habits for students do just that. Structure in their everyday lives when they know what to expect lets them explore the world and learn new things. Some people think that too much structure can make them stiff about their lives but that is not true. Children love knowing what is going to happen when because it gives them stability in life. Their minds are better able to cope with structure in their lives and that is what habits do.

For Mental Well-Being: Good habits are incredibly important for children’s mental health. When they know that it is time to take a bath and time to sit down for studies, their mental health can be stable. They feel that they are in control and that is wonderful news for children who have schoolwork to do.

To be More Disciplined: When you look at athletes, sports stars, or achievers in any field, you see the discipline that they have in life that has helped them reach great heights. It is all an effect of habit-forming. When parents insist that their children develop good habits early, they are pushing them towards a more disciplined way of life.

Higher Success: As students, doing well in class and exams can be important. Knowing the top 10 good habits for students will enable them to go higher up in success, whether it is in the classroom or the playing field. Good habits are the basics of success in future life too.

10 Good Healthy Habits for Students

healthy habits for students

#1: Daily Habits for Students: Prioritize Good Food

Without a healthy body, students won’t be able to make the most of their academic lives. Schools and colleges offer so much to students and the opportunities today are amazing too. But a child who does not get good nutrition every day will not be able to get the benefits out of it all. Developing good food habits is crucial. 

Fruits, vegetables, proteins, and carbohydrates should be made a priority every day. Healthy fats like nuts, butter, and ghee should be taken every day. Carbohydrates give students the energy they need to get all their tasks and activities done and should never be skipped. An overall balanced diet with less junk and more home-cooked foods is a habit that is a must to inculcate.

#2: Exercise Daily

Exercising daily has immense benefits for students. Exercise for younger children looks like playing outdoors with friends. For older children, it looks like taking up a sport, going for a run, or doing exercises at home. Of course, it can mean something else too depending on what the particular child likes to do. Physical activity for at least an hour daily should be encouraged and made a habit of early in life.

#3: Daily Habits for Students: Sleep Well

Another of the top 10 good habits for students to develop is sleeping well. Too many parents don’t insist on their children having early bedtimes. In India, it is common to find children having bedtimes of 10 pm or later. This is not at all a good practice because even teenagers require at least 10 to 12 hours of sleep every day. Younger children need at least 12 hours of sleep for proper rest and relaxation.

It is up to parents to instill in their children the need to go to bed at a particular time every day. This way they can wake up well-rested and ready to take on the day.

#4: Make a Schedule for Study

The Indian school and college curriculum is heavy and it keeps getting heavier as a child goes to higher classes. That is why making a schedule for study every couple of months is helpful. For every day of the week, have a schedule where you will be studying a particular subject for a fixed amount of time. 

This weekly routine will help students keep up with the coursework that is being done at school or college. It will also prevent last-minute studying the day before an exam.

#5: Tackle the Hard Subjects First

Among the 10 good habits for a child is tackling the toughest subjects first. So if your child finds Math a tough one, then it should be something she should be studying first on any given day. This is because the mind is clear and able to take in the concepts better. After that, she can move on to other subjects.

#6: Make Time for Friends

Having a social life is not just for adults. It should be a habit that we inculcate in our children as early as possible. Students of higher classes may not find a lot of time to socialize because they are immersed in school, homework, and after-school activities. But as a parent, it is your job to insist that she makes time for her friends, even if it is just for a few minutes every day.

Studies have continuously shown that people who have strong relationships with their friends enjoy more happiness and they even live longer. True, because friendships are wonderful for any person’s mental health. So whether it is taking the time to call up a friend for a chat, or enjoying weekends together at each other’s homes, your child will thank you for helping her make her friends a priority in life.

#7: Daily Habits for Students: Rest and Self-Care

Self-care has become the buzzword among content creators. It means different things to different people. A list of healthy habits for students must include rest and self-care too. Why? Because these are a prerequisite of a fulfilling life. For a young student, self-care can mean time spent going for a walk with a friend, listening to music, watching a show, or reading a book. Anything good for her mental well-being is self-care. 

Rest is getting a good night’s sleep and a nap during the day if possible. The body needs rest and when students give it that, the body returns the love and helps develops healthy habits in students.

#8: Limit the Distractions

If you want your child to do well academically and socially, it is an absolute must to limit her distractions. One of the most important daily habits for students is to keep off social media and screens as much as possible. Now it is not possible to completely cut them off from your child’s life. However, you can decide on a set amount of time together that she will get for social media and screens.

Whether she sticks to it or not is something you will have to keep checking on. Too much social media for instance has been shown consistently to be harmful to impressionable students. It is very distracting and it can be difficult for a child to do well in school or college if she is spending too much time with it.

#9: Learn Finances

Sadly, schools don’t do well when it comes to teaching children anything about money. It is up to the parents to develop good money habits in their children. A great way for students to learn about money and develop a healthy habit around it is to give them pocket money of a certain amount every week or every month. Teach yours about budgeting. For instance, if your child wants something, ask her how much it costs and how long she should save to buy it. This will make her financial grasp strong from a young age.

#10: Being Kind to Others

For people wondering what are the 10 good habits for students are, being kind to others is the last one. Developing a habit of kindness from a young age will let your child grow up to be a kind adult. With cases of bullying in schools increasing every year, children must be taught to be kind to others. Groups and favoritisms are also things to stay away from.

The Most Useful Daily Habits for Students

Trying to inculcate good habits in students lets them face the world and all the challenges it offers. There is a lot of competition to get seats in top colleges and later on, positions at top corporate companies. Good habits developed in this impressionable age will stand students in good stead for all their lives.

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