I want to be an inspiration for others – says Female BodyBuilder and Kickboxer – Razia

Author: Venkataraman Ramachandran

Physeek Fit wishes everyone A very happy women’s day

Our special guest on this women’s day is Razia Sulthana Khan – A woman making great progress in the sport of bodybuilding 

Her journey in the world of fitness and gymming started like any other individual who wanted to work out for cutting down on weight and improving fitness. What began initially with simple workout sessions ultimately grew into a serious passion for bodybuilding. 

Razia is now a professional who not only practices the sport of natural bodybuilding (which does not involve the use of any steroids) herself but also runs her full-fledged gym in the electronic city area of Bangalore. She is also preparing for various competitions and certainly aspiring to make it big in the sport.

The notion of bodybuilding being a male-dominated space is something she thinks is equal to a myth and she strongly believes that space can certainly be for women as well. Muscles, strength and femininity can coexist well is something she claims confidently and has proved with her example. 

As someone who believes in striking a perfect balance between professional and personal life, Razia is a wonderful professional to look forward to as a role model for aspiring fitness enthusiasts, especially the women folks. 

On this women’s day, her message to the audience and all people is for everyone to come out, express themselves, do things that would be of interest to them, make them happy, and prove a point to themselves if not anyone else.

On behalf of the Physeek cafe Team, We wish Razia all the very best in her professional journey. A very happy women’s day to everyone. On this wonderful occasion, We request everyone to listen to the inspiring conversation.

Transcript of the interview

Hello and Welcome to Physeek cafe. I am your host Vijay and today is a very special day. A happy women’s day to all our audience and rightly so we have a lady guest on Physeek cafe. I want you to join me in welcoming an aspiring bodybuilder who is going to be representing India on various different international arenas. Let’s welcome Razia to Physeek cafe. 

Hello Razia


So Razia, Bodybuilding is male dominated, not just in India but throughout the world. Can you tell us about your journey as to how you got inspired to get into bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is nothing like you have to be a guy to do it. It is nothing like fitness is related to men. But, there is a myth or there is like an assumption in people, you know that bodybuilding, physique, muscle…all these terms are referred to only men, so which is not correct. A woman can do anything and everything if she wants to. So bodybuilding is one of the safest and happiest games if you want to play naturally. So actually when I was fat, and I wanted to lose weight for my health reasons, I started working out, so which I felt perfect and something which is making you feel mentally physically in all aspects…strong and happy…so definitely it becomes an addiction when people start seeing you…something different…and they start appreciating you for something which you have never looked like…so it definitely is an addiction which you want to go further. Further, it is really in your mind, and if you are really determined to do it…you will definitely go for it…so that’s how I started my journey.

Awesome…so those little joys of people appreciating you keeps you moving forward


Yeah…Nice…So, we have learned that you are actually a natural bodybuilder…so in the current world..where its…you get into the market…you hear the word steroid…you have some people who are evangelists of natural bodybuilding, and you know…probably one would say there are different variants to it…How do you maintain yourself in this phase of natural bodybuilding, and can you talk to us about it?

First of all, I want to say is bodybuilding is not a cheap game, it is definitely expensive..because you have to be really focused..you have to be really dedicated to your diet..and really dedicated to your workouts…your pattern…just follow the coach…whatever the coach says…you have to do it..there is nothing like it but…we don’t have any…options like we take a…let us skip it today..let us not do it today..let us go for a party…that doesn’t work here…it is a…dedicated game and then natural bodybuilding is something I picked..because I was not okay to put steroids into my body…and natural bodybuilding is definitely better than where you take steroids…because when you are natural…the sustainability of your physique is for a longer-term and you are strong…you are healthy internally and out..there is nothing like you can…if you are taking a steroid…there is again one more thing..you know…female change into men…voice changes…hormonal changes happen…we start looking like guys actually…literally…and natural bodybuilding will not give you that…you are strong..you are fit…you are muscular with your femininity intact…so that’s the reason I picked natural bodybuilding..I did not want to go for steroids..I have no plans of putting in steroids.

So, you could say that it is like a shortcut that people follow..

Yeah…it is a shortcut…definitely a shortcut…

So, in the journey of natural bodybuilding right..you just said…steroids is like a shortcut way of getting the muscles pumped up…now speaking about muscles…we as commoners..think muscles suit a man..in general, if you speak about it in the society…not many women actually prefer…having muscles on them…so, what are your thoughts on this topic on self…

So there is an assumption that when you look…when you become muscular..you look like a guy…do I look like a guy..am I not pretty…yes you are…you can be pretty and you can be strong in muscular as well…there is no connection like..between the muscle and femininity…unless and until you are maintaining it naturally…yes..you are pretty…you are muscular…you are strong…you are definitely better than many guys out there..you can actually literally lift better..do better..stronger..so..nothing more than that…

So, it is all about how strong you feel…


For the current generation, bodybuilding means fitness and for some people…fitness in itself has different meanings…how do you differentiate between bodybuilding, fitness, and any other arena that you want to mix…

So…to be active, there are a lot of options..you can do a lot of things to be active…you can start off with..your basic walking..for different people…for different age groups..for different health conditions..have different sectors of fitness..again will interest and will be the requirement that you exactly need to do..some people…with age issue…who are in the senior age group..who have joint problems..and other problems…they just pick walking..some people go for swimming, zumba, yoga..there are lot of things you pick..again depends on your interest…so fitness..general fitness..doing a gym..going to a gym..doing workouts..picking a weight and..working out 4 to 5 days a week..45 minutes to 1 hour is a total different thing…and yeah…this is how we start…getting into bodybuilding and…directly you can’t go and become a bodybuilder…you start…with your weightlifting and all..and then..you end up with your interest of being a bodybuilder..so bodybuilding has a lot of science involved in it..this is not something which can be done..online..or can be done with a random person..lot of genetics involved..lot of science involved..lot of dedication goes into it..lot of..plus minuses happen..so fitness, other sectors of fitness and bodybuilding…everything is almost same…but has a different line..

So, we have spoken to different guests..One of our guests said..it is almost like..pretty much like school..you start off with pre kg and you reach a university level…so it is a journey..

Yes..It is a never ending journey…so you just keep going and you keep improvising each day…

So, I have actually spoken to different guests right….people who have actually represented India.. traveled around the globe…still maintain their physique…some natural bodybuilders..for a commoner who is living in Bangalore…if you ask me..this entire fitness journey should also have a fun element..for example…earlier you said..partying is maybe or maybe not allowed..but the whole point of living life in itself is having fun…so I got to be healthy..I still want to be…or rather I would ask my body to spoil itself for a little bit..and then rejuvenate and then go on…this is how I believe personally…for people who are into party cultures and still they are in the fitness…any thoughts…

Definitely…even we enjoy…who told you that we don’t enjoy…even we do parties..we also have fun..we also do everything you guys do…I also eat biriyani..pizza..burger..everything..yeah…we do a lot of sacrificing..but there is nothing like..we don’t have a life…we also live like you people..but definitely…a little extra dedication and a little extra concentration are needed..for this specific field..which we put in…no matter what..fitness comes first…workout comes first..your diet has to be maintained..body needs its break…weekly once we also go for a..like we also have a burger..we also have a biriyani or whatever we have…like what you people eat…even we do..but again party culture and drinking alcohol..is person-specific…I don’t choose it..I am not a party person..I personally don’t do it irrespective of bodybuilding…so I don’t do it..but there are people…everyone does it…we also do parties..we also have…like everything…people who are doing parties..having pizza burger and all..there is nothing like they can’t be fit..they are not going to party whole day 24×7 right..so they can have their party..once in a week..once in 2 weeks..once in a month..and it hardly requires 1 hour of workout which is 4 percent of your day..you can give it..like 4 to 5 days a week…at least you can give to the gym..like whatever sector suits you..not only gym..anything…

So…People like you..there are a lot of women..even men..who may have not got the platform, exposure..what they need…though they have put all the work..in fact, there are people who are doing it throughout the day…bodybuilding is life for them..just like any other sport…how do you fight that element of exposure..does social media help…

Definitely, social media is one of the biggest help you guys can do to any natural…any bodybuilder for that matter…there are a lot of people in the local places who don’t have proper exposure..proper guidance..proper support..they can’t afford bodybuilding…they can’t afford the basic diet which is needed for building…that is the reason many people quit…many people are not able to sustain and they back off… and a lot of things happen…if social media is helping them to get into the industry and showing people what the work is actually being done behind..so and they find somebody who can actually help them out with sponsoring them..supporting them with whatever they are doing..it will be a real good help for them…

Is there a phase a person goes through physically…mentally..before he chooses bodybuilding..is what I want to do..because of the reason..I ask you this is..all these great bodybuilders… of course, they would have started as normal human beings..right..but now you look at them..you feel like this might take another 5 years or 10 years…I may have to set my whole life aside…I may not have any other life..so..what is the mental preparation that you go through…physically..of course, you are here to put in your work…lift your weights…stick to your diet regimes..and all of that..but mentally when you go back to bed and say…tomorrow I have to do all of this again…what kind of mental preparation do you do…

Definitely, we need a lot of mental physical…and other things… a lot of other things..so many people for health checks..to check your body for all the..all your hormonal problems..whatever..problems it is..you need to..go for a thorough check of your liver..your heart…and whatever it is…and definitely..people who are putting in steroids…they need it even more..because…you have to check how your body is functioning and then only…you can put something more into it…like…if you are completely healthy or not… a lot of mental peace is needed..we need proper diet..we need proper sleep…we need a lot of rest compared to any other human..who is on a regular basis…we need more…you have to take a call on how much you can invest into it…physically mentally financially….then only you should get into this…it is like you can’t come and you can’t say..like..I am losing my sleep over it…I have no money and then I quit..so that’ doesn’t make any…you won’t reach anywhere

So it does take a toll on your mind right..you have to battle it out through physical and mental both..so while you are working out and keeping yourself busy…you have your own gym..functional fitness academy in electronic city phase 1..so…talk to us about setting up the gym..how your journey went through…in maintaining it..how do you manage it…

So definitely a lot of ups and downs…we are almost  2 and a half years old…this June we will be 3 years completed…since we set this up so this is franchisee..I have taken from one of the franchise’s people..and the franchise owner is my partner…he is the one who manages everything..I just train people… I am the training partner..he is the managing partner…we have put up a lot of efforts…we are..we have..certified trainers..we have genuine trainers..who actually are qualified to train you with proper postures, your muscles..your goals and everything..we don’t have random people…who will make you end up in injury…so we encourage all sectors of workouts..we are not like..do only bodybuilding..so we have a lot of variety of workouts over here..like Zumba, CrossFit, boxing, yoga, and the old school gymming…..technical gymming..everything we have…we provide all things with proper diet and nutrition..consultation as well…

So you got pretty much 360 degree covered…

Yeah..we try to cover everything possible..

Do you guys suggest any specific plans…when somebody enrolls..are there people coming and asking for a specific segment…Zumba or boxing

Yeah..definitely..a lot of people come and ask for specification…as I told you..in my previous answer also..like..you pick what you like..what makes you happy..and go for it and then…later you can upgrade it or you can continue with the same thing what you want to do..so there are people who come..young girls who only come for Zumba..there are people who are into the senior age group..or pregnant ladies..or somebody…who want to do yoga for mind relaxation..there are young guys..who want to do boxing..so..people can pick whatever they want to..or they can go for an overall package and if they are new to gymming…we would definitely sit with them..talk to them and suggest to them..which works for them best…we will try to figure out which works for them and they can go for it…

Give like customized plans..perfect..talk to our physeek audience about what are the different competitions you are training for..you know..what is your roadmap from here…

Roadmap as in…I just follow what my coach says…so I actually don’t have any particular planning like..I will go tomorrow for this..or the day after tomorrow for that..it is like..I just get a call that…Razia..we are preparing for this…and in 15 days we are going..or in 1 week period..we are going..and because I am natural..I don’t need anything to load inside..I don’t need to be prepared for it..so any day..any competition..my coach wants us to go..we go…

So Razia..we were speaking about specializations right…apart from bodybuilding..which is the specialization that you are really good at…

Actually, I am a trained kickboxer…so if I was not a bodybuilder..definitely I would have definitely picked kickboxing..I, unfortunately, have to leave it..because both the sports do not go hand in hand..there are chances of injuries in boxing a lot..so because of my bodybuilding…I had to stop it..other I would have definitely continued it

Rapid Fire round

So..now we are getting into the most interesting part of the interview..the rapid fire with Razia..

So..Your role model?

I would want to be a role model..I don’t have role models as such..I aspire like to be a role model to many people..I will be..for sure..

So..you are a role model for yourself


Your dream event..

Dream event..I believe in timely goals..so..currently..my goal is for progress…So I want to be the best..

Your best..your recovery..post recovery session

Sleeping…Workout..eat and sleep..

What would Razia be in case she is not into bodybuilding..

Nothing else..only bodybuilding..

Special message

So..on this women’s day.. special …what is your advice for women?

For women..definitely…girls..please get out..get out of your comfort zone..do something…do something which makes you happy…when I can do it…you guys also can do it…it is not a big thing… I am a single mom..I am with a kid..I am doing it…at my own terms..and my own conditions and everything…it is not an easy game for me..and I am doing it..so if you have good support…or even if you don’t have support..please get out..please do something…prove yourself..prove yourself to yourselves… not to anybody else…

So..Razia..what’s your message for the Physeek audience?

For physeek audience..guys..physeek fit people are doing a lot of hard work..they are actually finding out real talent…and real people..who are genuine..who actually deserve to be shown..who actually deserve to be exposed to people..so you guys please continue doing the same work and help out people who actually..need help and show the real people..who actually deserve to be shown..please show them..to people…and help them out..through your social media platform..as you guys play a very important and very very vital role in most of the people’s lives..so all the best to you people and like you guys have to keep doing this…I really appreciate the work you guys are doing…

Welcome to the Physeek team


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