Introducing Vihaan Jindal – Champion of Tomorrow

It is a known fact. Parents who are fitness enthusiasts will actively influence Kid’s fitness routine and contribute to their long-term health. Mr. Rajiv Jindal is a fitness enthusiast and a winner of cycling championships, and he has also influenced his son, Master Vihaan Jindal, to become the Champion of Tomorrow.

Master Vihaan Jindal is an 11yrs boy studying at Shri Ram Global School in Noida, India. He is cool, naughty, and very Innocent. He has developed a lot of patience in his behavior. He loves to play all games like cricket, Table Tennis, enjoys swimming and cycling. Among all the sports activities, he loves playing football the most.

Master Vihaan Jindal is heavily inspired by his father. His Father was weighing 102 Kgs, has followed strict fitness and diet routines to keep his weight in check at 82 Kgs. He has not only achieved great results himself but also has been an inspirational icon for his Son.

Master Vihaan Jindal has completed the 7 Days Champion’s Training Program organized by Physek Fit and is declared as a program winner. He has completed the mobile-based seven days fitness training and excelled in it.

The Physeek Fit Team congratulates the winner and wishes him all the best to become a Champion of Tomorrow.

Join the Champions of Tomorrow Fitness Training.

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