Kantara background music

The Kantara movie background music and the Varaha Roopam song have have become ear-worms for many of us. Learning it to play simple and anyone can do it easily. To illustrate, let us see the two parts that make up the piece.

Part 1
Part 2

You can use your laptop/computer keyboard to play the music on the virtual piano below. Try different Instrument and Octave Offset on the virtual piano and let us know which one you liked the most in your comments.

Part 1 – VB– BH V-B X-V VB– BH V-B V— (2 times)

Part 2 – HN– NQ N-Q Q-2 NQ– QR W-2 Q— (2 times)

The complete track played here for your reference.

Complete track

Enjoy learning and playing. To learn more about piano and music join our community – https://physeek.fit/groups/piano-and-keyboard-music/

Some technicalities behind this music track.

The starting track of Varaha Room song in Kantara is based on the Carnatic Raga called Kanakangi. 

Kanakangi is the 1st Melakrta in the 72 raga scheme of Carnatic music. It uses dissonant notes to create the effect of melancholy aptly expressing the clash between humans and nature.

Below are the notes that would help you to play this music on any instrument.

Carnatic notation

Notes used – s r1 g1 m p d1 n1 S  

mP~  pd m~p g~m | mP~ pd m~p m—  2

dN~  nS n~S   R~S | nS-  SM G~RS-  2

Western notation

Notes used – C C# D F G G# A 

FG~  GG# F~G D~F | FG~ GG# F~G F—  2

G#A~  AC A~C  C#~C | AC-  CF D~C#C-  2

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