Music – The mental health booster

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Mental health is as important as physical health.  Regular exercise and appropriate nutrition are key to physical fitness and health. Maintaining this requires discipline and can be tough to sustain. However, there is a very easy way to enhance your mental health.  You can just listen to your favorite music.

Research has found that music releases some chemicals in the brain that have a positive impact. Evidence shows that dopamine which is linked to a feeling of pleasure is released when the mind is absorbed in good music. Recent studies have shown that music can help decrease cortisol levels and help reduce stress and anxiety. Music therapy is a clinical and research-based practice in which music is used to enhance a person’s overall mood and well-being

It is common knowledge that listening to fast rhythm music while weight training at the gym gives that extra energy to keep going beyond one’s capabilities. The advantage of music is it can be playing in the background while busy in any other activity and still benefit from it. However, some music therapists believe active listening can maximize benefits. Active or conscious listening is when you set a time and concentrate on what you hear and observe the effects on your mind and body.


Music comes in hundreds of genres ranging from classical to rock to EDM. There is no doubt that the genre you know and like makes you happy. You can also try something new and different. You might develop a liking for unfamiliar melodies and discover new sources of pleasure as they help to stimulate the brain.

You might have already experienced most of these; I would love to see your comments.


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