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Become a part of our growing family through the online health communities websites. Learn from the health industry’s leading names, connect to people, and contribute with your own knowledge to our health and fitness community today.

Wondering how we came up with this community? Read on to find out.

The General Health Scenario Of India

The need for people to be cautious about their general health, lifestyle, and habits is far greater today than it was a few decades ago. As machines take over the physical work and people are confined to computer screens and cubicles, lifestyle diseases are rising at an astounding pace.

More than a million new cases of diabetes are detected in India each year. Even in terms of cardiovascular diseases and kidney-related complications, India is among the top countries. But why are so many people prone to these diseases in India alone? finds out.

Lack Of Awareness

The foremost reason for the deteriorating health graph of the country is undoubtedly the lack of awareness. While lack of understanding is a point, we usually associate with low literacy level, findings by the online health community revealed otherwise.

Even something as basic as proper breastfeeding knowledge is only confined to only one-third of the expecting mothers. The figure shows that lack of awareness is a factor that cuts through both literate and illiterate populations.

Equally grim is the scenario related to reproductive health and common illnesses. Only a handful of people are actually aware of the reasons behind common problems such as diabetes.

Even lesser is the number of people who are aware of the preventive measures. However, awareness alone is not responsible for the scenario. It is accompanied by a lack of access to proper knowledge regarding general health.

Lack Of Access

The answer to the lack of awareness is usually access to the required knowledge. But India seems to be lacking in the sphere of access as well. The genuine sources of knowledge about health are too few and confined only to some.

The knowledge that percolates down in the form of online articles and social media messages are not often reliable. In fact, unreliable health-related information and fake health fads so people do more harm than good.  

This lack of knowledge coupled with lack of access has led us to feel the need for a reliable online health communityLearn how this unique solution ticks all the right boxes.

Our Group: Our Solution

With one of the highest number of internet users in the World, India is fast moving towards a digital future. Tapping this energy, we have come up with a unique health and fitness community that is open to all. 

So long as you have the internet with you, you can access our group and its various features totally free of cost. With a single group, we seek to solve the dual problem of lack of awareness and access. For this ends to be met, our platform offers some unique advantages that you are not likely to find elsewhere. Find out about them here:

  • Access Expert Opinion:Merely giving you facts that you can’t totally rely on is not our aim. That is why we bring you the best experts right at your fingertips. Go through the interviews of renowned doctors and fitness experts available on the online health communities’ website. Also, get genuine tips and tricks published after thorough research. Access them anytime, anywhere by joining the group
  • Connect with people:Wondering how that can make a difference? Well, it is just like having a friend join you for your morning jogs. The path to health and wellness can be rather lonely. With your health and fitness community to cheer for you, things can indeed become smoother. So in place of an overload of information, we encourage our group to add to the conversation constantly.

Join Us Today was born out of a need to fill the barren space in terms of online health communities’ website in India. Since our inception, we have been constantly at work to find new and innovative ways to fulfil our pledge for a stronger country.

But this can only be achieved when you join us on this journey. So, become a member of our group today. Explore the various features that we have in offer for you. Also, contribute by encouraging others to lead a fit and healthy life. To know more about as a platform, go through our story and founders journey.

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