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Does your child have a knack for compositions and music?

Mozart, Beethoven and your child. When your kid is all tunes and notes, let that translate on the keys of the keyboard. The blacks and whites of the piano beckon you!


  • 6 SONGS: End this beginner’s course with 6 popular songs ready on your finger tips!
  • TECHNICAL ABILITY: Hands on experience in practicing different Scales, Chords, Arpeggios and Exercises!
  • ELIGIBILITY FOR TRINITY EXAMS: Course structured to meet trinity guidelines, Appear for trinity Grade-1 exam after intermediate course!
  • GAMIFIED PLATFORM: Points and Rewards after completing every class, we will take you through a jungle ride with us as you progress!
  • PRACTICE SUPPORT: Get one-click access to Class recordings, Assignments, supplementary materials on the student dashboard!
  • CERTIFICATION: Get Certified by TalentGum as you progress towards the next level in piano!

Course Details

3 Months Course

24 Live Sessions

45 Mins per Session

5 Students per Group

What Your Child will Learn?

1 1st month
2 2nd month
3 3rd month
1st month



Initial understanding of the Instrument, correct posture, hand and finger position, and playing/reciting solfege/sargam in C scale


A simple song in the key of C major, Concept of Octave and 5-Finger Scale (Pentascale), and Introduction to C, F and G triads


Doubt Clearing and Revision Session

2nd month



A simple song in the key of C major and C, F and G Chords (triads) with both hands


Introduction to a 5-Note Pattern on the C scale with Right and Left hand


Doubt Clearing and Revision Session

3rd month



Introduction to London Bridge Is Falling Down (With Right hand and Left hand)


Introduction to the concept of Arpeggio - Using C, F and G chords, With right hand, left hand and both hands simultaneously


Introduction to song Ode To Joy and Jingle Bells (With Right hand and Left hand)


Doubt Clearing and Revision Session

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Saathvikh’s classes are going very well. He is happy with his classes. He also enjoys the classes.

Saathvikh Ganesh
Happy Student

I am satisfied with TalenGum classes as my daughter is enjoying her piano classes very much thanks to team for their support

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For further assistance, kindly connect with us at [email protected]

All classes will happen online on our platform.  You will need to log in with your mobile number and OTP (or Password) to join the online classes.

You will need a laptop and a robust internet connection to ensure your classes run smoothly.  You can also take classes from a mobile phone, but we strongly recommend you use the laptop for the best learning experience.

You can cancel your classes at any time if you have enrolled for the full course by sending us an email at [email protected].

In case you have enrolled for a monthly pack, your’s monthly fees will be forfeited.

If you have enrolled in a group class, you will be provided with the recording of the class you have missed.  We request you go through the recording of the class and clarify your doubts in the next class. Classes can be rescheduled if you have enrolled for an individual session.

You will be provided with a course completion certificate. You can also opt for more advanced courses depending on your interest.

All communication with the teacher will happen through our platform.  You can send messages to the teacher.  In case of urgency, our team will be happy to facilitate a conversion.

Yes, we can definitely make changes to the schedule as per the requirements. Though we follow the curriculum endorsed by experts, we will make every effort to accommodate the best schedule for our students.  However, we regret to inform you that no refund would be initiated in such a case.  

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