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Online keyboard lessons for your child

Is your child a budding musician? Does he or she sit up and take notice when you play the tunes of Mozart and Beethoven? In that case, it’s time your child enters the world of music and discovers the magic of piano.

We, at Talentgum, understand the importance of music in the life of a child and offer a range of lessons in online keyboard – from private to group and beginner’s to advanced, all from the comfort of your home! All you have to do is give us a call or drop us an email and we will do the rest.

Why choose keyboard lessons?

Piano or keyboard is an interesting musical instrument that will help your little one develop patience, confidence and agility using the fingers. It is believed that piano lessons make students happier and more confident. In addition to this, it helps individuals with cognitive thinking problems, speech disorders and other disabilities cope better with their struggles.

Learning the piano online

Although learning a new instrument online is no mean feat, Talentgum makes the lessons extremely simple and interesting for your child. Here are some of the course highlights of online keyboard classes for beginners – 

  • 6 SONGS: End the beginner’s course with six popular songs ready at your fingertips.
  • TECHNICAL ABILITY: Hands-on experience with different scales, chords, arpeggios and exercises.
  • ELIGIBILITY FOR TRINITY EXAMS: The course is structured to meet the guidelines of Trinity exams. Students can appear for Trinity Grade-1 exam after the intermediate course.
  • GAMIFIED PLATFORM: You get points and rewards when you complete a class.
  • JUST A CLICK AWAY: Get easy access to a world of information including class recordings, assignments and supplementary materials on the student dashboard.
  • CERTIFICATION: Get Certified by TalentGum as you progress towards the next level in piano!


3 Months Course

24 Live Sessions

45 Mins per Session

5 Students per Group

What your child will learn in the three months?

1 1st month
2 2nd month
3 3rd month
1st month


  • 3 sessions that involve initial understanding of the keyboard or piano. They also include correct posture, hand and finger position and playing/reciting solfege/sargam in C scale.
  • 4 sessions involving basic tune learning using the key of C major, concept of octave and 5-finger scale (pentascale) and introduction to C, F, and G triads.
  • 1 session of revision and clarification of doubts.
2nd month


  • 3 sessions to help the child learn basic tunes in the key of C major and C, F, and G chords (triads) with both hands. 
  • 4 sessions of introduction to a 5-note pattern on the C scale with right and left hand.
  • 1 session that involves revision and clarification of doubts.
3rd month


  • 2 sessions that involve an introduction to ‘London Bridge is falling down’ (with the right and left hand). 
  • 3 sessions including an introduction to the concept of arpeggio using C, F, and G chords, with the right hand, left hand and both hands simultaneously.
  • 2 sessions including an introduction to the songs, ‘Ode to joy’ and ‘Jungle bells’ (with the right hand and left hand).
  • A session of revision and clarification of doubts.

Our piano masters

The piano tutors of Talentgum are the best in the industry and have taught students from across the world. If your child wants to take baby steps into the world of music, there is no one better to guide him or her than our teachers, who are licensed and well-versed with various styles of music, voice, theory, and composition lessons.  

Patient and talented, our online piano tutors create a nurturing atmosphere and help the kids learn quickly and effectively. For the beginner’s course, they ensure that the child has learnt the lesson completely before moving on to the next one. When working on expert lessons, our musical tutors build upon what the child knows already thereby boosting his or her confidence levels.

Benefits of learning the keyboard

It develops language and reading skills.

Children who are keen on learning music often develop good reading and speaking abilities. They are more extrovert and socialize easily.

It improves mathematical skills.

Children who take music lessons show better grades in mathematics as the spatial-temporal reasoning skills improve through keyboard lessons. Children often gather a great understanding of time and space by learning music.

It hones motor skills.

Music helps children develop their coordination and motor skills. It also improves their concentration and sharpens their memory.

It sharpens social skills

Music lessons are not only a great way for kids to learn about culture, but also help children develop social skills. Playing an instrument in a group requires the kids to cooperate and communicate with each other, which helps develop their social skills. In addition to this, performing in front of an audience increases a child’s confidence.

It improves creative and critical thinking skills

A powerful tool for learning, music has always been an important part of human ethos. It is a form of expression that can be used to communicate emotion and convey meaning.

Parents’ talk

Why should you opt for our online keyboard lessons?

Physical classes are offered on a personal basis, yet they involve a group of learners led by a single trainer. Our online classes, however, come with a personalized approach that offers self-paced lessons and courses. This is great for kids as they get one-on-one attention. With simple requirements of a good internet connection and a computer, children can grab complex lessons from the comfort of their homes. 


For further assistance, kindly connect with us at [email protected]

All the classes are held on our online portal. Students have to log on to our website to attend the classes. More information regarding the timings and class schedules is available on our official website.

You will need a laptop and a good internet connection to log on and learn through video calls. Although students can attend classes from mobile phones or tablets, it’s better for them to use a desktop or laptop to learn more effectively.

Aspirants can cancel after booking by sending a cancellation request email to our official email ID. However, we can’t refund the money for a cancelled session in case you have paid the monthly fees.

If you are learning in a group and have missed a class, we will send you the recording so that you can catch up and clarify your doubts with the tutors. For individual sessions, we will reschedule the class.

You will receive a certificate on the completion of the course. You can also continue with us and move on to the next level since we offer courses of all levels, from beginner to advanced and beyond. You can check out our website for more details.

Yes, you may contact the teacher using our platform. If you have any queries or doubts, you can send a message to the teacher on our platform or during the class. If you still have any unresolved doubts, you may get in touch with our customer support representative and we shall help you out with the issue.

We offer flexibility in the scheduling of classes. You can always request for a change in timing by getting in touch with us. We are bound to follow the curriculum offered by our experts. However, we give preference to our members and hence, do our best to accommodate the best scheduling and timings for our children. If you want to reschedule the class, we may not be able to refund your money.

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