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Are you a newbie to the world of yoga? Or are you an expert looking for ways to unlock the next level? Are you a yoga teacher or an aspiring yogi who wants to rise to the top of the ladder? No matter which phase of your yoga journey you are in right now, having a community to support and encourage you can be great.

It is with this idea that has started its very own yoga community in India dedicated to all the people who are interested in this unique workout type. Through our network of yoga enthusiasts, we aim to create a space where you can engage with like-minded people. Additionally, you can learn genuine facts and tricks and give back to the community in the form of encouragement to others.

Read on to find out more about our group and its features.

Yoga: A Growing Family

One of the most talked-about forms of workout all through the world today is yoga. But have you ever wondered how yoga first came to being, and how did it travel the world?

If you want to trace the origins of yoga, you will have to travel back at least a few thousand years of history in India. The first mention of yoga comes in the sacred text known as the Rig Veda. Back then, it was not the health enthusiasts trying out yoga; rather, it was the saints and priests.

Over the years, it is they who perfected the art and passed it down to the later generations. Over time, warriors, kings, and all those who were interested in physical and mental improvement began to follow yoga.

The fact that this workout type has survived through so many generations proves just how beneficial it has been to the practitioners.

Yoga Goes Global

If you join the online yoga community, you will realise that an overwhelming number of people practising it today are actually from other nations. In fact, the UN too has recognised the universal character of yoga and has reserved a day in its calendar as the World Yoga Day.

The first tryst of the western world with yoga actually came through Indra Devi, a passionate yogini hailing from the European nobility. So popular were her classes that she travelled to various nations, including Argentina and Russia. She finally opened a studio in Hollywood where the movie starts became her students.

Modern scientific studies conducted around the 70s also backed the fact that yoga is beneficial. 

This scientific approach, along with the association of celebrities and public figures, gave yoga a wider acceptance.

The yoga industry today is worth millions in America alone. Statistics show that there are active yoga practitioners in nearly a hundred countries now.

Our Yoga Community In India

However, in its country of origin, India, yoga does not have an ample number of followers compared to the global figure. Perhaps it is the lack of awareness, or it may be the lack of access to proper resources related to yoga that has led to this stagnation.

That is why we at have come up with a group solely dedicated to yoga. Our online yoga community is a step towards our larger mission- that is, to create a fit and active India. Wondering how joining a group can make a difference? Find out below:

  • Learn Correct Postures, and Terminologies

Since yoga is chiefly focused on breathing and stretching your body in a particular way, postures play a crucial role. Unless your postures are correct, you will not get the full benefits of yoga. Through our online yoga community, we hope to assist our members in learning the right postures and terminologies. This will help you realise the true essence of yoga.

  • Interact With Experts

Our yoga community in India also gives you the unique opportunity to interact with experts in this line. Our interviews- known as the Physeek Café, brings you the top professionals from the different fitness-related areas right to your fingertips. Go through the interviews and the various tips shared by them. Sure enough, when you follow the advice coming right from the experts, you can enjoy much better results.

  • Get Genuine Information

 Much of the information you find on the internet and social media platforms today are not reliable. Our online yoga community is here to change exactly that. All the information that you find on our platform is a hundred percent genuine and trustworthy. So you do not have to waste your precious time going through various sources, and you can wholly concentrate on yoga.

Join Us Today

Now that you have been through the advantages, you know just how much this group can help your yoga journey. So waste no time and do your part towards a fitter India.

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