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Have you ever lost your phone and realized that you felt so anxious?

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel that you have to check your phone every minute?

If so, you are not alone. There are 6.4 billion people worldwide and growing. (Statista: 2021)

Digital Addiction by younger generation

We should act now!

Smartphone Addiction

Cell phone addiction can take over life for those who haven’t experienced it. The first step is recognizing that you have a problem. We know that reducing screen time can be difficult, especially since many of our lives are on our phones. 

How much time do you spend on your smartphones? Let us know- Share your screen time!

Are you a technology enthusiast looking for an opportunity to make a positive impact in the world?

Do you love gaming and fitness?

If so, this is your chance to play an important role in reducing digital addiction and improving health & wellness!

How much time do you spend in front of screens?

Your answer can be an eye opener for many!

Stand a chance to win the latest version of an iPad Air!

Win iPad Air - Physeek Fit Contest

Your idea could be a game-changer.

You have a great idea, but you don’t have the right technology to implement it. We do.

Our innovation contest will help you build your idea and make it big to help reduce the digital addiction problem in society.

Want to participate? Submit your idea and win iPad Air. The top three winners of the contest will walk away with an amazing reward and get a chance to work with our team and build their idea from scratch!

We aim to help people regain control of their lives by using technology differently.



About the Contest

Physeek Fit Idea Contest

You submit the idea

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Our website visitors vote for your idea

Ideas submitted before 30th June 2022

Digital Addiction - Physeek Fit

Internal Jury validates that this will resolve the digital addiction problem.

Digital Addiction Solution Judgement - Physeek Fit

Final Judgement by the Internal Jury based on the number of votes and practical feasibility of implementation.

You win the prize and be part of prototyping the solution.

An Era of Innovations Await- Physeek Fit Seeks You!

Physeek Fit Technology IDeas

The greatest inventions come from the most unexpected sources. The inspiration for the world’s first computer, after all, came to Charles Babbage while he was taking a stroll in his garden.

Scottish inventor James Watt had a similar experience while looking out of his window at the University of Glasgow in 1765. As he watched a small metal ball drop into a puddle of water, he got an idea for a device that would save people time and money.

His invention? The steam engine.

As it turns out, many of history’s most important innovations have been dreamed up by ordinary people like you. For example, the founder of FedEx was a Yale dropout who created the company after getting fed up with waiting for the mail to arrive on time.

Technology is changing the world. We can’t stop the progress, but we have a chance to change the future.

Digital Addiction

We are at an interesting point in the evolution of digital technology. The smartphone has become part of our lives: we use it for work, communicating with our friends, entertainment and shopping.

“On an average, we pick up our phones 58 times a day.”

As a result, we have become dependent on our phones and overuse them. We have developed a “digital addiction”, which is bad for our health and well-being and our interpersonal relationships.

The good news is:  We can change this!

We are looking for you! The technology-savvy, creative, proactive, and passionate individuals to help us build a better technology solution to reduce the digital addiction problem with phones.

Become an Inventor with your idea!

Digital addiction has become a serious problem.

In today’s world, we are surrounded by many digital devices like phones, computers, laptops, tablets, and television. The increase in the use of these digital devices leads to an increase in health problems in the general population.

As you may know, today’s society is addicted to technology. There is an increasing trend of becoming dependent on a mobile phone or social media for information, entertainment, communication, etc.

This has created a problem of digital addiction. Research shows that excessive use (more than 1 hour per day) of mobile phones can lead to health problems such as sleep deprivation, eye strain, mental disorders like anxiety and depression. It has also led to long-term effects, such as brain dysfunction, insomnia and more.

Digital Addiction

Inspired by this trend, we want to help you create an innovative solution for this very important issue that affects so many people worldwide.

In the last few years, technology addiction has become a real problem for many people. Nowadays, we are more addicted to our phones and tablets than anything else.

We constantly check new emails and messages; we feel the need to update our social media profiles with everything that happens in our daily life; we play games on our devices for hours, become victims of video streaming addiction, and so on.

Most of us agree that this kind of addiction is not good. To lead healthy lives, we need to reduce this type of dependency as much as possible. Physical activity to reduce digital addiction is essential, and exercise for better health is crucial.

Shocking Statistics Reveal

During the pandemic crisis and lockdown, the screen time for children increased by 100% (Source: OLX India)

Overuse of digital devices has been linked to poor sleep, anxiety, and depression. And the number of people affected is only growing – especially among youngsters, who spend an average of 7 hours a day on their phones.

Digital addiction creating distance among the family members

Have you ever felt like your phone is taking over your life?

Do you feel like you want to use your phone less but do not know how?

It’s time to stop the phones from taking over your life.

Unplug and plug into a better life!

We are looking for technology solutions that get us off our phones help us focus and be more productive.

The growing concern over digital addiction has inspired us to kickstart the contest to develop creative solutions to reduce screen time.

We are hosting a contest to create a technology solution to reduce the digital addiction problem! We’re excited to host this contest because we believe there are plenty of innovative minds out there who can develop an innovative way to help with the problem of phone addiction.

We hope you will join us in this endeavor and positively impact our society!

Digital Detox is the Solution

We are running a contest to identify and reward early-stage ideas to help reduce digital addiction. The contest is open for everyone, and we welcome any idea as long as it is about developing a technology solution to address the digital addiction problem.

Technology can be a great help in reducing our digital addiction. What technology would you develop to help reduce your and others’ digital addiction?

Register and submit your tech idea below if you think you have what it takes.

Lets build a generation

that puts people first and not their phones.

Detoxification for digital addiction - Physeek Fit

This contest aims to encourage people to work together and come up with solutions to reduce digital addiction.

Through this challenge, we would like to provide a platform for the community to develop ideas around the theme “Digital Detox” and also provide an opportunity for them to win iPad Air.


Open-Source Innovation- Channel your best idea!

The contest is open to everyone. You don’t have to be a developer, but you need to have an idea that could help reduce digital addiction to phones in one of these three categories:

Gamification: games, virtual reality, augmented reality, wearable technology, fitness activity trackers (e.g., Fitbit), or other gamification concepts that engage people in being more active and less attached to their phones

Apps and Applications: app functionality and/or settings that can help with phone addiction (e.g., limitations on screen time or notifications)

Physical design: new form factors, design, and hardware functionality that encourages users to spend less time with their phone (e.g., biometrics like fingerprint readers or facial recognition, or pop-up screens)

Digital Wellness Challenge – Win an iPad Air

The Digital Wellness Challenge is a community engagement program to build a technology solution to reduce the digital addiction problem towards phones.

What’s in it for you?

• Exposure & Recognition

• Get your name in the public domain and have an opportunity to be recognized as a thought leader.

• Win the latest iPad Air

• Winning ideas will receive support for prototype development and testing.

How does it work?

Submit your ideas before 30th June 2022.

Your idea has to be related to one or more topics: Mobile App Functionality, Fitness Gamification, Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality. Submit your idea now!

What is the contest about?

In this contest, we want you to create a technology solution that helps people be on their phones less or get more out of their phones when they are on them. This could include ideas that gamify screen time, be productive while on our phones, or even help us disconnect from our devices.

Why should you participate?

If your idea wins the best idea award, you will receive the brand new iPad Air, where you will get a chance to meet our innovation team and learn more about how to turn your winning idea into a reality. Our experts will help you develop a prototype of the product and guide taking it to market.

The idea generation contest is an open challenge for the community to submit technology ideas!

Connect to Disconnect!

It is time for us to fix this problem by using technology to solve a technology problem. Let’s build a community of people who share the same mission to reduce Digital Addiction and build a series of new technologies that help us regain our focus on the important things in life- health, wellness and fitness.

We are looking for visionaries interested in leveraging technologies to create a more connected world that is less dependent on devices.

Healthy life habits - Physeek Fit

Participants can be innovative about zero distraction by submitting a technology solution to reduce the digital addiction problem. Be it a mobile app, an AR/VR experience, or fitness gamification. Participants will be competing on the quality of their ideas and their ability to engage people in the discussion. 


From all the participants, the most ingenious and creative ones will be selected by a panel of judges. They will be invited to further develop their ideas with the help of experts. The best idea will then be produced into a prototype in a dedicated design sprint with UX designers and developers. 


To win this contest, you need: 


  – A winning idea that reduces digital addiction towards phones 

  – A community of users supporting your idea 

  – An innovative approach that is likely to succeed 


You deserve a life beyond your phone. So we’re going to help you get one. Join this challenge to share ideas that can help millions of people break the habit of constantly checking their phones.

Be part of the Innovation

The world is changing, and so are we. Human life demands are increasing as the world is becoming more and more digitized. We’re building a community of coders, creatives, and visionaries to address social issues with technology.

The community will join the challenge using the platform and submit their ideas. Jury members will select the TOP 10 Ideas. For each phase, both community and jury rankings will be made available.

Generate ideas using your imagination and creativity! Think about any software solution that can help your fellow humans solve a social issue through technology (e.g., mobile app functionality, AR/VR, etc.)

Fitness Community - Physeek Fit

For example, if we take mobile app functions as an example, it can be: 

-Blocking notifications during class time. 

-Silent mode at bedtime or when the user wants to focus on other activities. 

-Limit Screen Time – help students set daily maximum limits on the number of hours they spend on their smartphone devices and track how much time they spend on their smartphones daily, weekly & monthly. 

Submit ideas to build a technology solution to reduce the digital addiction problem towards phones.


Healthy Community - Physeek Fit

The Digital Addiction Challenge aims to tackle the growing problem of digital addiction towards mobile phones, tablets, and other smart devices. The challenge will focus on delivering solutions that address the problem in several different ways, including: 


• Solutions to help people reduce their time on their devices (e.g., games, social media, etc.) 

• Solutions that help people use their devices more productively by promoting good habits (e.g., notifying users to take breaks from their device) 

• Solutions that encourage users to participate in physical activities (e.g., gaming with friends) 


Looking for more inspiration? Here’s what you could tackle: 

• Digital detox solutions – How can we encourage the next generation to be more aware of their digital health? What are the long-term implications of digital addiction? 

• Gamification – How can we use gamification to make people have a better time on their devices without being tempted to use them excessively or negatively affecting their health? 

• Behavioral psychology – How can positive and negative reinforcement be used to encourage good behaviors around our digital devices? 

• Physical versus digital – How can we encourage people to spend less time on their digital devices and more time outside? How can technology help us do this? 

We’re looking for technology solutions that help people get back to the real world (for example, mobile app functionality, AR/VR, Fitness Gamification). 

Here’s who we need to reach: 

– People who are addicted to their phones and/or social media 

– People who have a family member or friend who is addicted to their phone or social media 

– People who work in addiction research, technology, or health care.

The ultimate goal of this contest is to connect you with companies and investors that can help turn your ideas into reality. If you’re interested in participating but don’t have an idea yet, you can also sign up as a community member.

You’ll receive useful resources, learn about the latest tech trends, and be invited to participate in giveaways and contests! 

With the help of our partner organizations, we can even provide your team with technology experts and mentors from our vast network.

Physeek Fit Technology Team

Selection Criteria

You need an innovative software-based idea that has the potential to be a breakthrough in its category. The best part is that you can be from any country or region and still participate in this contest.

The contest runs from 17th February to 30th June 2022.  Anyone can submit their ideas by entering them on this website’s submission form before the contest’s end date. The ideas will be displayed on the website, and people will vote for these ideas.

At the end of the contest period, our expert team of professionals from various fields will judge the top three ideas with maximum likes. The selected winner will receive an email with further details on how to claim his prize for iPad Air (latest model).

The selection criteria will be the following:

1) Highest votes

2) Judgement by the company

3) The winner will be reached through email. Once the winner responds, he will receive the prize within seven working days or the delivery time stated by the local vendor.

Submit your idea to us!

Let us together build fitter generation!


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