Parenting Tips for Preschoolers to Help Them Learn and Grow

Parenting Tips for Preschoolers

Being the parent of a preschooler is a roller-coaster ride, isn’t it? It may well involve lots of laughter punctuated by tantrums and a whole lot of naughtiness! Making sure that your preschooler gets a world of opportunities to learn and grow at her own pace is your job. A good home environment fosters proper growth and development in small children and if you can assure her of that, it will be half the job done. This blog will tell you about some great parental tips for preschoolers you will love knowing and enforcing with your little one.

General Parenting Tips for Preschoolers

Your child is too young to go to school. That is why her primary learning environment is the home, where you are. Here are some tips to help her.

Parenting Tips for Preschoolers

Communication is a  Priority

Communication is one of the basis of civilization. It is what builds civilizations and helps them reach new heights. That is why you should make communication with her a priority. Talk as much as you can with her and encourage her to do so. Whether it is something silly she wants to share with you or singing a favourite rhyme, when she communicates with people around her, she is learning.

Also, if she is a good communicator, she will find it easier once she is in school with her peers and teachers.

Disciplining Effectively

In India, it is common for parents to give a slap here and there and even shout as a way of disciplining their kids. But it is certainly not a good idea to do so. This is because the child does not learn anything when parents resort to beating or yelling.

What you can do is listen to her and be in touch with her emotions. You should work on building a strong bond and connection with her because this is where your power lies. When you are connected to her, she is better able to manage her emotions and will do a better job at being a child. Make her feel safe because that’s the best way to discipline her.

Do Things Together: One Essential Parenting Tips for Preschoolers

Teamwork is about doing things together and it is the building block of sports, corporate and governmental organizations. Human beings have been effective at doing so many things because they work in teams. So one of the most important Indian parenting tips for preschoolers is to encourage their teamwork abilities. Whether it is something as simple as letting her help you while you cook or involving her in brooming the house, she is going to learn the basics of teamwork which is undoubtedly going to help her.

While your child is at home, it is obvious that she is the centre of attention. But when she starts going to school, there will be other children who will also have the focus of teachers. With teamwork, she will fare better and look at other children as her teammates which is wonderful.

Spend Time with Stationery

Another good parenting tip to remember is to spend some time every day with stationery like pencils, crayons, gum, rubber, etc. It does not matter whether she can write. What matters is whether she is comfortable with these. If she loves to colour, provide her with variety so that she can colour as much as she wants to. It is not just a good way of expressing oneself, but it also develops fine motor skills. When she has that, she will be good in school.

Everything else she will learn at school.

Take Her Outside

As a parent, this is the right time to expose her to the world. And one of the easiest ways to do that is to take her outside every day, even if it is just for 30 minutes. It can be the park or the shops. In fact, when she plays in an open area, it is good for her body and her mind. She also gets to interact with children of her age which is going to help her develop social skills.

Employ a Routine

Another healthy parenting tip to know is having a routine is super-important. Children thrive on structure and they do well when they have a routine in place. This means having set times for meals, play, and learning. Did you know that this kind of right parenting means fewer tantrums for your pre-schooler as well? And setting her for independence is good on many levels.

Be the Person You Want Her to be Like

Being a role model for your child is one of the most basic parenting tips for new parents. You will not see the results immediately. Be someone you want your child to be like. Be in touch with your emotions, be calm and enjoy yourself whether at home or outside. It will be years but if you continue being a role model, your child will grow up to like you.

Great Mealtime Parenting Tips for Preschoolers

Food is a common factor for stress for young parents with preschoolers. They are notorious for not eating as much as their parents want them to, which leads to a lot of fights and tantrums. Here are some effective parenting tips for mealtime success.

Parenting Tips for Preschoolers

Offer Variety

This is the easiest way to get your child to eat. For each meal, try to serve at least 2 to 3 foods. Chances are that she will eat at least one thing and learn a thing or two about the others. You can’t expect her to eat a lot of variety if you don’t provide it at your table. Try and include at least one food she likes at every meal. This will ensure that she has food she likes to eat, as well as other foods that she can try and see whether she likes them.

Let Her Feed Herself

Indian parents are notorious for feeding their children with their hands. While for us, it is often just a way of showing love and affection for our little ones, the truth is that it prevents them from learning a very important life skill. Eating is definitely a skill and she will learn only when she is allowed to do it on her own.

As your preschooler will soon go to school and have to eat on her own at least one meal of the day, she must learn how to do it. Start with simple finger foods and encourage her to try things on her own. It is one of the most important things she can learn to do at this age.

Snack Better, an essential parenting tips for preschoolers

Another healthy parenting tip for preschoolers is to help them snack better. It is very easy to buy a load of packaged snacks at your local shop and give them to your child when she needs a snack. But that is not a good idea. Try to keep snacks as healthy as possible with some form of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Yogurt, fruits, nuts, and homemade baked goods can be given as snacks safely. There are of course a huge variety of healthy Indian snack items too so make sure you keep these handy at home.

Eat Well Yourself

Your child will eat better when you do so. So make sure to fill your plate with healthy yummy food and let her see you enjoy your meal. When you eat well in front of her, she is going to do the same.

Make Mealtimes Family Time

Another great parenting tips for preschoolers to remember regarding food for your preschooler is to make mealtimes family times. Even if she is unable to eat on her own, make sure she sits down with the whole family. This is going to encourage her to try more foods and also help her see that mealtimes are times for fun and conversation.

Foster a Happy Home Environment: important parenting tips for preschoolers

Any grownup knows how important having a happy home environment is. It shapes a person and creates a unique worldview. So one of the simplest parenting tips to employ is to make your home a haven of peace and love. Disagreements and fights are normal in every household but your child will notice how adults around her are dealing with such things. Is it in a calm manner or with shouting? This is where she will learn how to deal with conflicts in her life.

Giving your child what she needs instead of what she wants is crucial for her to learn and grow positively.

Final Thoughts

With these parental tips for preschoolers, it will hopefully be easy for you to ace it till your child starts going to school. The pandemic has been tough on everyone and most so for little children who struggled to remain at home for months on end. As a parent, it is your responsibility to help your child achieve all possibilities she already has within her. Enjoy her and enjoy your parenting journey to the hilt!

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