Positive Lifestyle Changes For Teens

Teenage is a period in our lives that needs special attention. When ignored by parents, the lifestyle habits of a teenager can travel in the wrong direction. This may lead to addictions, unhealthiness, and stress. During the period of adolescence, teenage fitness holds great importance. A teenager’s approach and mindset can be easily molded in the right direction as compared to adults. This way, parents can ensure that their teenage child is adopting and continuing to walk on the right lifestyle habits. With the help of the right mentoring, parents can instill positive lifestyle changes in teens. This should be done patiently without imposing things on the younger mind. Progressing slowly, things can be improved and teenagers can be kept away from various bad habits.

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Here is our take on some of the positive lifestyle changes that can give rise to the list of healthy habits for students and teens:

Healthy habits 

Positive lifestyle changes for teens

Teenagers need to focus on their health above everything else. There are many reasons why a teenager’s well-being may decline. Some of these include exam stress, bullying, bad companies, long tv viewing hours, inadequate diet, lack of exercise, and so on. These precursors, when ignored, bring the onset of many diseases later on in our lives.

Study revealed that healthy habits for students have become more vital as obesity has become a serious health issue in recent times affecting 25 % of all children in North America. 

Some of the healthy habits to adopt include:

  • Avoiding screen time by limiting the use of TVs, computers, and mobile phones
  • Exercising daily including morning exercises for students
  • Indulging in physical activities like sports and outdoor games
  • Taking a good sleep and waking up early morning
  • Eating right and avoiding unhealthy diets
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Eating fruits and vegetables
  • Getting vaccinated on time
  • Conversing with parents about diseases or any other health problems

Healthy Habits and Hygiene maintenance

Parents often overlook hygiene maintenance. More than often, guardians think that a teenager can take care of his hygiene as he has grown up now. But such is not the case. Parents need to monitor the teens thoroughly to ensure that he is adapting positive lifestyle changes and good hygienic practices. 

Some of the hygiene-maintenance tips parents can give to their teenage children include:

  • Ensuring that the room of the teenager is clean with everything organized
  • Make sure that teenagers baths properly, cleaning every body part, at least once a day
  • Ensuring that the house and surroundings are clean and free from germs or harmful insects
  • Washing hands after going to the toilet or whenever the hands get dirty
  • Sanitizing the hands often and making sure that germs are not present on the hands or any other parts of the body
  • Wearing masks whenever required while outdoors or in the crowd
  • Keeping garbage nicely in a closed garbage bin and disposing of it every alternate day
  • Never keeping used utensils unwashed in the kitchen
  • Not repeating the same dresses or undergarments  without washing
  • Brushing teeth thoroughly twice a day to maintain oral hygiene
  • Washing hands before eating
  • Covering mouth and nose while sneezing or coughing
  • Cleaning ignored parts of the body such as ears, underarms, etc
  • Washing hairs regularly and using a good quality hair oil

Avoid smoking or drinking

Positive lifestyle changes for teens

Many teenagers think that smoking or drinking is the coolest thing to do while they are young. They often presume that the body can take up and recover from those harmful vaping substances easily during adolescence. This is entirely false. Our body gets affected by smoke and alcohol no matter what is our age. And if we prolong these bad habits, there can be grave circumstances to be faced. Smoking can cause cancer and many other dangerous diseases while alcohol affects our liver and lead to permanent defects in our digestive organs. 

Research suggests that adolescents who are high on smoking and drinking show increased instances of violent behavior. 

Parents need to follow the old norm of ‘prevention is better than cure’ to prevent smoking and drinking habits in teenagers. Addressing the harmful effects of these can help a teenager stay safe. Parents should also keep a check on the company of their young ones ensuring that they are not influenced by anyone to drink or smoke. 

Some of the essential tips for parents to help their children avoid smoking or drinking and instill healthy habits are:

  • Parents need to set an example. Avoiding smoking or drinking themselves, by all means, can influence the child to stay away from such an unhealthy way of life. If as a parent, you are addicted to smoking or drinking, start looking for essential resources to give up the habit. Try to never indulge in smoking or drinking in front of the teen. 
  • Converse to the teen as much as possible about the harmful effects of smoking or drinking. Telling him instances of severe results and making him realize the harmful effects can help in diverting his mind from these habits. 
  • Encourage the teen to his thinking. This might open gateways to many unknown facts. You might come to know where he is getting influenced from. Parents should approach the teen as a friend rather than a warden. This will help him talk comfortably and reveal his thoughts. 
  • Parents should always discourage all forms of cigarettes, even electronic ones. Don’t let the teen make an excuse to consider smoking or drinking a safer thing. Always tell him the bad effects with reasoning so that he understands the logic behind quitting the habits. 
  • If you find a teen already addicted to smoking or drinking, follow plan B. In this, you can recommend stop-smoking products or go for therapies to stop the addiction in the teen. Encouraging the teen to avoid people or places that are associated with drinking and smoking can also help. 

Physical activities

Positive lifestyle changes for teens

Teenagers need to indulge in physical activities regularly. While starting an outdoor hobby such as sports, games, cycling, and running can help, some indoor activities like Yoga and dancing can work wonders too. The main focus should be on helping the teen bring about positive lifestyle changes and move his body more frequently. Long sitting hours or unmanaged sleeping can cause fatigue and overweight. 

Teenagers have lots of options when it comes to physical activities. Starting from the morning walk to cycling at night, they can choose from a myriad of good healthy habits for students. 

Some of the other means through which daily physical activities can be achieved include:

  • Jogging or brisk walking
  • Swimming
  • Dancing 
  • Aerobic exercises for children’s
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Trekking
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Household works
  • Gardening
  • Working out
  • Martial arts
  • Snowboarding
  • Rope jumping
  • Sports like badminton, hockey, football, cricket, etc. 
  • Mild weight lifting

Physical activities play an important role in maintaining the health of a teenager. They help by:

  • Improving bone health
  • Improving brain health
  • Enhancing muscle growth
  • Regulating blood circulation in the body
  • Maintaining oxygen levels in the body
  • Decreasing the risk of heart problems
  • Decreasing the risk of depression and stress
  • Decreasing early death chances
  • Decreasing anxiety issues in teenagers
  • Helping in improved quality of life
  • Keeping our body active and mind focused

Decreasing screen time

Using televisions and mobile phones is like daily bread for teenagers. While it is not wrong to learn the new technologies of the modern world, teenagers often cross boundaries and cause harm to themselves by the excess use of digital devices. The most important thing is that increased screen time affects our eyesight and can even lead to various retinal diseases. 

Teenagers are nowadays easily getting addicted to social media, OTT platforms, online games, and other means of entertainment provided by mobiles, TVs, and laptops. The continuous watching for hours may lead to eye stress and can even cause severe headaches. 

Parents need to follow some essential routine changes to help the teens avoid screen time. Here are some options to consider:

  • Start by making the teen understand the adverse effects of screen time. Making him understand how each device poses a risk to overall health can help keep his mind away from gadgets. 
  • Consider making a timetable or a time routine in which the screen time is limited. Make sure that you add breaks and never let the child watch screen continuously for more than an hour. 
  • When the teen is following the routine, make sure that you reward him. Taking him to his favorite picnic spot or allowing him to get his favorite ice cream can help bring in some motivation. 
  • Try to limit the watching options to information-based content rather than movies. This makes sure that the time spent watching the screen is bringing in some knowledge
  • Talk to your teen about what he is watching or what he is doing on phone in a friendly manner. This helps keep social evils or dark internet traps at bay. 


Teens are very adaptable to new habits. Parents need to decide which one they should adopt and which one they should cling to.  By rewarding their teens and helping them understand the good ethics of life, parents can ascertain that their child is going in the right direction. We hope that the above-mentioned tips will help you out. 

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