GermiBAN fourfold super-sterilizer comes with an integrated approach of room sterilization using the physical phenomenon of sterilization killing all pathogenic viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants to 99.99% in air and also physical surfaces within a short period of time.





Product Details:

  • UVC tube lights @254 nm wavelength as a germicidal lamp for surface/room sterilization and severe contamination.
  • It has a powerful Ozonator with 50mg/hour ozone output
  • It has a negative ionizer whose output has about 5X10 ions /cm
  • It has a HEPA filter with a 0.3-micron filtering capacity it is useful for bacteria and other particulate matter and suspended particulate matter and a fan.
  • It has a motion sensor/s that cuts off the UV light when any human movement is detected
  • It has a wireless operation with a remote as a safety device and protection from UVC radiation and ozone.

GermiBAN® has fourfold sterilizing, disinfecting, purifying & filtering functions all integrated together which makes it a unique selling proposition. The primary function of killing the viruses & bacteria is supported by buffering and the secondary function is to curtail the regrowth of the bacteria.

Application and uses:

  • Hospitals (government and private), Operation theaters, Isolation wards, Warehouses, Software institutions, etc.
  • The operational ease of the product makes it easy to use by any unskilled and untrained nurse or personnel.

Technical Specifications:

  • No chemicals
  • UVC sterilization @ 254nm
  • Ozonation
  • Ionization
  • HEPA Filter (0.3uM)
  • No chemicals
  • Mobile App Operation
  • Cut-off Sensor (Human Intervention)
  • Area coverage: 1500 sq. Ft for GermiBAN and 150 sq. Ft for GermiBAN Smart
  • Tested at Chest Hospital & Biotechnology Center ALEAP WEHUB
  • Termed an “Excellent Product” By NITI Aayog, India
  • Tested & Certified by CCMB, Hyderabad


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