Watch Kannada Interview: Diet is the secret for six-packs, says the celebrity trainer Srinivas Gowda

Author: Rajkumar Neelappa

Full-Length Kannada Interview with the Sandalwood celebrity trainer – Sreenivas Gowda.

Physeek Cafe presents an interview with the Kannada Celebrity Trainer Srinivas Gowda. The team visited his Gym Muscle360 in Banashankari, Bangalore. The honest Kannada to English translation of this interview is below.

As a celebrity trainer, how did you start your fitness journey?

As a growing kid, I was always interested in working out in gyms. After completing my high school immediately, I decided to go to the gym training back in 1999. I worked out for five years before I became a trainer.

After some struggle, I joined Anil’s Gym. At the same time, working in the Dayanand Sagar college, I transformed around 16 – 17 people into getting six-packs. Only after that, I started getting celebrities as trainees. My first celebrity trainee is Chandru. Since then, I have been growing as a trainer, and I have reached this stage today.

How important is a mental commitment to get a six-packs body?

For six-packs, you have to undergo mental struggle. This mental struggle is much more than physical exercise or diet.  

Controlling the temptations for tasty food is very difficult. What I must say is that diet is the most crucial factor in this regime. Getting a six-packs body is impossible without following a strict diet. 

How fast can one get a six-packs body?

It depends on the individual’s genes. For a healthy person, we can train a person two times a day. If he follows a strict diet regime, the person’s body will start responding depending on his genes. If everything works out well, a person can get his desired six-packs within 35 to 40 days. But we usually keep a window of 90 days of training.   

Should one use supplements or follow a natural diet?

I would say that one should follow a natural diet. It would be best if you do not go for steroids, as it is strictly for competitive bodybuilding. 

For fitness, there is no substitute for hard work. If you don’t want to work hard, you can’t be fit.

Is there any formula in diet and workout?

A majority of 80% is the only diet. As a trainer, we can help you achieve that 20% through workouts. And that is possible only if a student gives 100% of his best in the gym. Most importantly, one should show up in the gym regularly.

I must say that trainers can’t be with the students all day long. One should take full responsibility to follow the laid down diet regime.  

How do you help celebrities with short deadlines to achieve their fitness goals?

For a trainer, if you are a celebrity or not, everyone is the same. If you are a celebrity, you should maintain good fitness to achieve results with short deadlines.

I am an average person. I don’t want to go to the gym, and I don’t want to run or even do the workout. What do you advise me to maintain normal health and fitness?  

It depends on your weight. If you have an ideal weight, you should eat healthy meals. If you are obese, you should do physical activities like walking or running and a good diet.

Is your training the same for both men and women?

Women may have various health problems like PCOD, PCOS, irregularities in their thyroid, and menstrual cycle. We recommend for a health checkup and then start training for women.  

In terms of training, there is no much difference. Women have to do the same exercises with fewer weights, counts, and intensity.  

What is best for bodybuilding? Veg or Non-veg?

Both. Again, it depends on genes. Non-Vegetarians have many options like chicken, fish, eggs, and vegetables. They are all rich in proteins. Vegetarians have to rely heavily on protein shakes.   

What is your view on external motivation?

It is wrong to see someone and trying to become like them. Also, seeing YouTube and doing exercise can be misleading because that doesn’t explain the complete routine. It would be best to get a trainer, get the medical test done, and take suggestions from experts on the supplements. Some supplements are a danger for the body if one has high blood pressure. Also, some diet can put one at risk in case of diabetes.

Do you have any challenging students?

Yes. I had a student who had post-pregnancy diabetes. I usually take advice from one of my students, Nitin. He is a medical student and helps in making medical reports.  

In the case of women, hormonal changes appear when they gain weight or lose it. It is very natural. But, it is always best to consult a Doctor. Trainers cannot replace Doctors.  

Do you refer to any website or use any apps for training?

No, whatever I have learned is through my trainers. Trainers should share knowledge selflessly. Only then will it be fruitful.

Alternatively, even students should show an interest in learning. Only when the trainer and a student work together it is possible to achieve the results.

I appreciate my trainer, Shaman Shetty. Even though there is a language barrier between us, he is kind enough to explain clearly by giving suitable examples. I have never seen such a good trainer in my career.

Why do people join the gym and leave it in a brief period?

People joining the gym and leaving it is genuinely personal. There can be many reasons for that.  

I have observed that people will have work pressure. Family at home may not be in a position to prepare the necessary food to support the training.  

There could be health problems, as well.

More than that, in this busy schedule, people tend to eat outside regularly. To achieve the six-packs goal, one should always eat home-cooked food.  

I, along with my trainers and assistants, have helped many to achieve this goal. And we know very well that diet is the most important thing. And this is only possible if there is support from their home, right from the kitchen to the gym workouts.

Can you name some of the celebrities you have trained? 

Yes, of course. I have trained Rakshith Shetty, Rachitha Ram, Dhananjay, Anish, Rakesh Adiga, and close to 40 to 50 people. I have taught many celebrities appearing in television and movies.  

For example, I have trained Sonu Gowda in his weight loss. He got a ligament tear, and I have helped him through regular physiotherapy. Physiotherapy students from Dayananda Sagar college Fm tv and Movies. Weight loss Sonu Gowda. Sonu Gowda got a ligament injury. Dayanand Sagar physio student has helped me to treat my students for ligament tear. 

I want to stress that one should never neglect injuries; they are essential. 

Can you tell me more about gym injuries?

One should always avoid gym injuries. Especially for celebrities, I don’t recommend heavy weight training. That is the main reason for gym injuries. In my gym, we don’t train on deadlifts, dumbbell pullovers as they are risky. 

In Bangalore, what do you suggest for the IT crowd?    

Eating junk food once a week is good. We should not eat more often. If you want to be fit, then you should do it yourself. Nobody else can do it on your behalf.    

If you have bad habits like smoking or drinking, being fit or building six-packs is not possible. For this reason, we make blood report compulsory in our gym. Even if the report shows borderline numbers, we feel that following an extreme regime is risky.

According to you, there should be no cheat days?

Everyone cheats. The trainer will know it. If the student goes cheating more frequently, he will not achieve results, and students should not blame the gym.  

What are your work timings?

I start working at 5:45 AM and stay until 8:00 PM. When I get some free time, I take a rest at my desk.  

Can you talk about kids’ fitness?

I don’t train kids. I believe that kids should get involved in different physical activities like gymnastics, kickboxing, cycling, jumping, swimming, etc. 

When I was young, I used to cycle and deliver daily newspapers to around 80 houses. After that, I will go to the gym. Lifestyle has changed these days. 

What is the importance of proteins in bodybuilding?

It depends on the individuals’ weight. It is essential to know how much protein is there in the chicken. It is also necessary to know when to have carbohydrates or fibres.  

We can easily explain to people in the city about proteins and food quantity. When we train people from a rural background, we estimate food to consume.

As per dieticians, we need a calorie machine in every house. That is why food estimates based on one’s weight will help.  

After following a strict regime, we stop and lose our gains.

Diet is vital. If you eat, you will bloat. It depends on body type. In my case, I was 67. Now I ate more, and I became fat. It is that simple.

How about muscle texture after you stop working out?

Muscles have something called muscle memory and maturity. The texture may go away, but you can always bring it back quickly once you build it.  

People question me when some of my students achieve six-packs within 90 days, and others don’t. People who get results would have already spent two years of exercising, and they possess both muscle memory and maturity. It is easier for them to achieve results compared to someone who never exercised.  

More importantly, it is dependent on how your body responds to the exercise and the diet you follow.  

It is good to see that more and more people are becoming health conscious these days.

What do you suggest? Imported protein powder or local?

Anything is fine. We should be aware that there are duplicate protein powders available in the online market. It is best to take the protein powder from your trainer if you trust them. 

The possible side-effects of duplicate or low-quality protein powders can be severe rashes and indigestion.  

You may end up spending more money on treating skin rashes than spending on a good quality protein powder.

Is it required to drink six litres of water when taking protein supplements?

Yes, it is compulsory. The protein supplements will help you to recover and build muscles, and you will excrete the remains. If you don’t drink enough water, you may not excrete the waste and cause kidney stones. Apart from this, nothing else will happen.

How much should we sleep?

Eat sleep and workout. This statement is the golden rule. One should sleep for a minimum of 7 to 8 hours every night. If you don’t sleep well, you can’t work out. Digestion will be affected. 

These days, people work in night shifts, altering their natural body cycle. This imbalance is risky and may cause a cardio attack.

How do you train on the chest, biceps, and how do you divide them in a week?

There are many types of variations. For example, drop set, superset, athletic set, compound set, isolate sets. It is different every day and every week. On the same day, if you are working out two times, we suggest other workouts. It would be best if you kept changing so that the body doesn’t get used to it.

My trainer Shaman Shetty taught me this. The body should get variations.

Please tell us about your gym – Muscle360.

This gym is my dream. I was working as a trainer with Anil. After an unfortunate incident, Anil died, and I was in shock.  

A lot of people have helped me build this gym. My friends like Sushil, Sudheendra, Sachin, Dhananjay, Shivu, Ashwin, and many others have helped me. In reality, I didn’t have money.

This gym has fulfilled my only dream. The opening was a grand affair with some of the celebrities attending it.  

From here on, I will do my job of training people and nothing else. People do comment about me that a trainer should look like a bodybuilder. I admit that I am busy. I get up early. I find it difficult to follow the diet.  

I do not want to reveal this. One day I will look like a bodybuilder. (Smile)

How many trainers do you have in the gym?

All of my students are my trainers. I am nothing without them.  

I want to highlight some of the problems our trainers face every day.  Students come to the gym without brushing their teeth or taking a bath. I kindly request everyone to go to the gym clean and neat. Don’t cause problems for others.  

Sometimes students blame trainers for not giving enough attention, while the trainers will be supporting another student. Students should adjust because trainers are doing their job.

Do you have any message to our Physeek audience?

I want to say that Physeek is doing a good job. The knowledge that they are gathering is beneficial. Some people will learn by doing it, and some will know seeing such videos.  

All the best!


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