What is In-Private Group Fitness Training?

Physeek Fit is now providing the In-Private Group Fitness Training to help our clients achieve their fitness goals. In this training, the Trainer teaches more than one client in the online video conference. While the Trainer can see all his clients, the client has a full view of the Trainer and nobody else. The client cannot see any other students who are in the same group training.

There is a general apprehension among the students about their video privacy. They want the Trainer to watch them and motivate them to do the workout. At the same time, they do not want others in the group training to see them. This feeling could be for any reason. But having privacy from others helps them do their best without any sense of shyness or others judging them.

One to one private training solves this problem. However, Trainer can only train few people in a given day, making such programs very expensive. In Group Training models, Trainer can impart his knowledge and motivation to a relatively large number of students simultaneously, and students take immense benefit in terms of cost and Trainer’s time.

While there are multiple ways to impart Group Training using Zoom / Google Meet and other web conferencing platforms, Physeek Fit employs a unique solution. This model is not another video meeting at work or school. This solution is a special Auditorium kind of training which helps both Trainers and their Students.

Experience the In-Private Room Group Training only at Physeek Fit Training.

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