You can beat breast cancer – says Rajni Nair

Author: Venkataraman Ramachandran

Physeek Cafe wishes everyone A very happy & prosperous new year 2021.

We are starting the year 2021 with an absolutely inspirational story of Rajini Nair, Ultramarathon runner, Bharatanatyam dancer and a big fan of riding superbikes.

Please listen to the discussion between Sumanth and Rajini in this episode of PhyseekCafe to know why we think it is inspirational.

Full-Length Interview with Cancer Survivor, Ultra Marathon Runner and Bharathanyam Dancer – Rajni Nair

Besides all the challenges that everyone faced with the Covid-19 pandemic in the year 2020, Rajini had a bigger fight on her hands as she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Not just Rajini, but all of her friends and relatives were taken aback and extremely surprised on getting to know this. Rajini whom they knew was one of the fittest people around, especially with the amount of time she spent running, gymming, other fitness activities plus a healthy lifestyle aside from everything else.  

Once the diagnosis was out that Rajini was suffering from breast cancer due to the BRCA2 mutation gene issue (Rajini refers to it as the Angeline Jolie effect on a lighter note during the interview), the reason turned out to be more hereditary as this had a history in Rajini’s family with her grandmother and aunts had gone through the same ordeal in the past. 

Rajini started her treatment in Manipal hospital, Bangalore under the able supervision of the most qualified doctors, specialists and other support staff. 

Having won many battles of endurance be it during the ultramarathon runs in the hills of vagamon, Roopkund trek of Himalayas and many more, Rajini bravely fought through the challenging period of cancer treatment too. Even the doctors and support staff were seriously surprised by her fighting spirits, when they saw her taking IV’s sitting upright, walking/slow running with the PICC line (Chemo port) on during the treatment. It was not a surprise that she rubbed off some of her fighting spirit and positivity on a few of the other patients too.

After having to go through a series of chemotherapy sessions, surgery and other treatment procedures, Rajini is now back on track steadily and raring to go in the next few months. She has already done a 10K run and clocking 40K in a week. 

One can imagine the unbelievable amount of positivity and confidence in Rajini when she categorically states that she should be back to full-fledged running once her final scan results are out and doctors give her a thumbs up. The inspiration she drew reading the stories of Lance Armstrong, Novlene Williams-Mills, some of the other athletes and listening to music during her treatment have probably only added to her positivity and fighting spirit.

Pinkathon, NEB Bangalore marathon & Mumbai marathon are her favorite events. Hands down, Running will always be her favorite passion is what she says and no surprises there. 

We at PhyseekCafe take great pleasure in wishing Rajini all the very best and are honoured to have got a chance to listen to her inspirational journey.

As we sign off on that positive note to start 2021, We request you to listen to the wonderful conversation between Rajini and Sumanth to get more insights and inspiration.

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